6 Female Characters on TV Who are Totally Fan Girl Worthy

Lauren Graham

Television is filled with incredibly smart and compassionate female characters these days. We’ve rounded up 6 of our favorite female characters on television who exude intelligence, feminist values, and character.

1. Lorelai Gilmore from “The Gilmore Girls”

Yes, this show is long over, but it was recently added on Netflix, so it’s garnering a lot of attention these days. Lorelai is the mother of Rory, smart-witted teen, and the daughter of Emily, rich, often misguided, but still sweet-in-her-own-way woman. Lorelai is a killer mom and an incredibly strong-willed woman. She is a young mom who raised her daughter on her own, and had enough gumption to learn how to run her own inn, too. Lorelai never lets the men in her life guide her decisions, and she’s a awesome friend to boot. (Her and Sookie, her best friend and the chef at the inn, represent what modern female friendship is all about.)

2. Kristina Braverman from “Parenthood”

Kristina is the wife of Adam Braverman. She and her husband have one of the most realistic marriages I’ve seen depicted on television. Their love for each other, and their kids, is flawless. Over the years, Kristina has fought cancer (and won), helped her son cope with his Asperger’s diagnosis, and accepted her lesbian daughter with loving, open arms.

3. Mindy Lahiri from “The Mindy Project”

Mindy is not perfect. In fact, she’s far from it. But that’s why I love her so much. Sure she says inappropriate things and acts like a child much of the time, but that still doesn’t make her any less successful. She’s a smart and successful OBGYN who may have some issues in her personal life. But she’s still dedicated to the health of her patients and tries (when she has the time) to be a good friend.

4. Joan Holloway from “Mad Men”

Joan is a smart woman who has learned how to be successful – and make a lot of money – in a man’s world. Joan has grown a lot since the beginning of this series. Through the years, she’s survived a rape and a horrible marriage, raised a child on her own, and has kept control of the office in times of crisis. Also: She’s learned how to befriend women and has become an unlikely mentor to other lovely female characters: Peggy Olson and Dawn Chambers.

5. Diane Lockhart from “The Good Wife”

Diane doesn’t take crap from anyone. She helped found one of the most successful firms and Chicago, and then left to help grow a small, indie firm to shake her life up. She hits just as hard as the boys, and has found love without compromising her beliefs, values, or pride. Also: She’s one of the older women on television. She proves that you still can be smart, sexy, and scary after 40.

6. Deputy U.S. Marshal Rachel Brooks from “Justified”

Rachel doesn’t have a lot of screen time on “Justified,” but when she is front-and-center on the show, she shines. She’s smart, wily and one of the only people who can handle Raylan Givens, the mostly uncontrollable U.S. Marshal. She never lets any of the “bad” guys get to her, and handles all their attacks (many of which are racial and gendered) with a sly coolness.

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