6 Possible Reasons Why You’ve Got Extra Oily Skin

Extra Oily Skin? 6 Possible Reasons Why

You are supposed to have dry skin in winter, right? If you are experiencing extra oily skin in the dry season, it may be due to your beauty regimen. Let’s see what we can do about that.

Those with oily skin are usually on the lookout to manage oil production and ward off breakouts. Products that help with this can be overly drying, as can different skin care techniques that target oily skin.

Isn’t drying supposed to be a good thing where oily skin is concerned? Not exactly. Skin that is too dry actually produces even more oil in an attempt to compensate for moisture loss. This is the most common reason people see excess oil.

6 Possible Reasons for Extra Oily Skin in Winter

1. Using drying products. As I said above, skin care products that are meant to be drying can cause skin to produce excess oil. The key is to balance oil production, not strip the skin of necessary oils. Steer clear of the harsh acne treatments and drying lotions for now, and see if skin comes back into balance.

2. Over cleansing. It is not uncommon for those dealing with oily skin to over cleanse. If you are seeing breakouts, redness, irritation, or flakiness, you are likely over cleansing. The remedy? Use a more gentle cleanser when skin isn’t actually dirty, say in the morning, or skip the cleanser and use a swipe of hydrating toner instead.

3. Over exfoliation. Another common blunder, over-exfoliating can cause skin to become too dry and oil production to ramp up. Strive for once to twice weekly exfoliation with a gentle product. Fruit acids are effective and non-abrasive.

4. Going with the flow. Just because a thick cream or oil cleanser works for your coworker or roommate, doesn’t mean it is right for you. If you truly have an oily skin type, it may be best to stick with a gentle foaming cleanser and lighter moisturizer even in winter months.

5. Too many tools. Those brushes and mitts that make skin look great in summer months can be too harsh for more delicate wintertime skin. Skip these for now and give your skin a break.

6. Hitting the tanning beds. Aside from the obvious health concerns, tanning dries the skin, causing it to become more oily in the long run. Looking for a bit of color through winter? Opt for a healthy sunless tanner instead.

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