6 Time-Saving Apps that Will Also Save Your Sanity

6 Time Saving Apps that Will Also Save Your Sanity

Surprise! No, it’s not your birthday, but it is your lucky day because we’ve got the lowdown on a handful of the latest time-saving apps to turn your hectic life into a well-oiled machine.

Time is precious, and nowadays it seems like we have less and less of it to spare. Fortunately, though, we’ve rounded up several time-saving apps that will help you live life more efficiently, therefore allowing you to hang on to one of your most precious resources. While it’s easy for us to feel overloaded by the use of technology–and it may seem counterintuitive for us to suggest using your smartphone more often–but rest assured that these programs are designed to help, not hinder, your life.

Whether you’re a busy mom, single professional, small business owner, or something else entirely, we’re confident that you’ll be able to glean something from one of these apps. So without keeping you any longer, because this is all about saving time (duh), let’s get this show on the road.

1. Waze

I can’t think of anyone who’s ever been driving down an open road just wishing they were sitting in rush hour traffic. And while the GPS and other map applications have been around for some time now, Waze is a great alternative option that’s special because it offers its users real time directions that will take you down the nearest side streets and back roads diverting you away from the bumper to bumper traffic and into the fast lane.

2. Shyp

Ever been to the post office and felt like your head would explode from impatience? Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic, but waiting in line is no joke, especially during the holidays. Enter Shyp, the handy app that lets you snap a pic of your parcel, get an estimate, and then just like that someone magically shows up to your door to pick up your stuff. As if it couldn’t get any better, this app also lets you compare prices among carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS, which includes the cost of packaging.

3. Doctor on Demand

For when you can’t WebMD your symptoms, but you’re not exactly at death’s door, Doctor on Demand is a revolutionary new app that changes the way we receive medical care. Rather than sit, and sit, and sit some more in an uncomfortable waiting room for hours, you’ll be connected with a board-certified physician, psychologist, or more via video chat from your smartphone. According to the iTunes app store, visits are only $40 and the doctors can diagnose and treat most conditions in the comfort of your own home.

4. My Dressing

Capsule wardrobe wearers, minimalists, and even clothes hoarders rejoice! This fashion forward app lets you create and keep track of outfit combinations using the items straight from your own closet. Snap photos of individual pieces and easily isolate them within the program before pairing up with accessories, shoes, handbags, and other items that you own. This is a great little time saver because you can pre-plan outfits and never have to guess at what to wear again.

5. Zirtual

For those times when you could use a personal assistant occasionally but not full time, Zirtual has virtual helpers for hire that are ready to cross things off your to do list. The staff can complete business or residential related tasks, like travel coordination, scheduling and calendar management, appointment set-up, and event planning. You’ll receive a dedicated assistant once you decide on a package based on the amount of hours needed each month.

6. Care Zone

We’ve all probably needed medication at one time or another, and anyone with a family knows that keeping track of who takes what, when, and how much can quickly become a time and energy zapper, not to mention confusing. The Care Zone app is the solution to all of those problems. It allows users to keep lists of medications, dosages, and schedules on your phone at all times. You can store discharge instructions, therapy appointments, doctor’s notes, and even keep a journal of your symptoms and/or progress. Plus, you can securely and privately share all of the info with your spouse or other trusted party.

Take your life back and start freeing up resources with these great, time-saving apps that may also save your sanity. Have you test driven any of these apps? Are there any time savers on your smartphone that you just can’t live without? Share your thoughts on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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