7 Ridiculously Awesome Recycled Art Projects You Can Easily Do Yourself

7 Ridiculously Awesome Recycled Art Projects You Can Easily Do Yourself

Get ready to finally fill in those blank spaces because spring is the perfect time to tackle these super simple recycled art projects!

Luckily these won’t require a lot of cash, time, or even newly purchased materials. We’ve tried to find the most sustainable and eco-friendly options for each of these crafts, while still having mega impact in your home, and so far, we’re pretty impressed. So check out our suggestions below and prepare to be inspired!

1. Shower Curtain Art

This is a brilliant hack by two bloggers who were inspired by an old graphic shower curtain. Rather than toss it out, these ladies chose to build a simple frame (it’s way easier than it sounds) and actually stretch the curtain around the frame just like a piece of blank canvas. The result was impactful and inexpensive, plus the old shower curtain became useful again. Check out the tutorial and finished result here.

2. Popsicle Stick Shelf

This could actually be a nearly completely recycled project, especially if you go to town on some popsicles this summer and save up the sticks until you have enough to create the project. The crafter from this blog said she needed around 100 or so for the cute little shelf seen on her website, so prepare to eat your fair share, but once you’re through you’ll have a cute display piece to hang on your wall and a really red tongue to show for it. Stain the sticks like she did, or paint them in your favorite colors. Find her tutorial here.

3. Chevron Magazine Hanging

One of my personal favorite recycled art projects from this list is actually one of the simplest. This one involves using some old magazines and shoe box lids. When you cut the strips to form a chevron pattern and glue them on, then you have some seriously cool looking wall art that’s actually pretty chic. Take a cue from this example shown here and then stop by this blog for the full tutorial.

4. Rustic Rope Sign

Reclaimed wood, a piece of chalk, a bit of twine or rope, and a hot glue gun are almost all the elements you’ll need to make this remarkably simple, yet super impactful, shabby-chic wall art. You can spell out any word you’d like, although for this instance the crafter chose “love,” she also made sure to emphasize just how fast this project was – for her it took only ten minutes from start to finish. Check out the full tutorial here.

5. Easy Chalkboard Frame

Check out local yard sales or thrift stores for a piece of second hand art with an ornate frame and you’ll be one step closer to revamping it into a cool chalkboard complete with a little built-in chalk holder. This crafter paints directly over the canvas art with black chalk paint and then, after curing, protects the interior in order to paint the perimeter. She used spray paint, but you can spend a few more minutes hand-painting the frame with a non-toxic version instead. Check out her full tutorial here.

6. Painted Globe Art

Take some inspiration from Anthropologie and next time you’re out thrifting, pick up an old globe and repaint it “wanderlust” style. The floral quote globe is probably my favorite, but you can also opt for the more geographically correct version of the craft and use the original map as your guide. Acrylic paint, a few brushes and some patience will help you create a nice piece of art for a lot less dough. For the floral tutorial check out this blog and for the map version check out this one.

7. Framed Fabric

This last project is so simple, but really effective and you can use almost anything you have on hand that will fit in your frame. Opt to mat it for an even more upscale and professional appearance. Simply choose your favorite fabric – use old clothes from thrift stores where you might like the print but wouldn’t actually wear it, placemats, pillow covers, or even rugs – and pop it in a frame. Get creative with the frame style, shape, and color. The tutorial found here actually uses table runners in faux bamboo frames and they look great.

Just in time for spring, we hope you’ve enjoyed our recycled art projects roundup. We think they’re all pretty rad, if we do say so ourselves, but more importantly, EcoSalon wants to know what you think! Wish we had included something, or just want to share your own DIY? Sound off on our Facebook page and share your favorite with us.

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