10 (Almost) Instantly Gratifying Outdoor DIY Projects to Try for Spring

10 (Almost) Instantly Gratifying Outdoor DIY Projects to Try for Spring

Turn your backyard into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of having with ten of the coolest – and easiest – outdoor DIY projects for spring.

We’ve scoured the do-it-yourself depths of the internet for several of our favorite and user friendly projects that should take no more than a day or two to complete for the most complex and just thirty minutes or less to put together for some of the simplest. There are also tutorials and examples provided in the title for each venture. We hope you enjoy our picks and get inspired for spring!

1. Branch Chandelier

Create a conversation piece for your next outdoor dinner party with an amazingly elegant and earthy halo-shaped branch chandelier. The key to this project, according to the tutorial, is to find trees with long, slender branches like the elderberry. And don’t worry if it’s already in bloom, the foliage and/or flowers will give it a lovely touch of color.

2. Small Fire Pit

Create the chic, modern, and super simple fire pit from the tutorial we’ve provided with just a few materials and a little patience. The instructions call for a traditional gel flame, but you can make it more eco-friendly by opting for the Ecoflame gel found here. It’s a completely biodegradable and non-toxic ethanol warming gel committed to sustainability.

3. Tree Swing

Every adult needs a tree swing, right? Right! So head on over to the tutorial for one of the simplest and easiest to follow DIY projects. Use a piece of salvaged wood to make this project more sustainable and follow up with the TriCoPolymer VOC free non-toxic lumber sealer for a finish that can withstand the elements without harming the environment.

4. Cinder Block Planter

Have fun with building blocks for big people – cinder blocks, that is! The small funky version of the concrete planters from the tutorial would look great tucked into a cute little corner. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, create a larger version with protruding “mini planters” popping out sporadically along the wall’s span. Use what you can from leftover home projects or take the unwanted blocks off other people’s hands for a DIY that will cost very little.

5. Outdoor Orb Lights

Outdoor lighting can become super pricey in a heartbeat, but the clever tutorial over at The Art of Doing Stuff has solved that little problem for just a few dollars. With a few thrifted white glass orbs from old ceiling mounted light fixtures filled with Christmas lights, you’ll have a garden full of modern ambiance.

6. Wood Garden Edging

This salvaged wood garden edging project is super cute and looks hella easy to execute. With some wood, a saw, a few screws, and some non-toxic paint, you can have cute little picket fence-like border around your garden. Simply darling!

7. Simple Bird Bath

The bird bath tutorial in the link above is nothing short of thrifty genius. With wooden dowels and virtually any sort of shallow tray that you have on hand (she used one from Ikea), you can totally conquer this sweet, modern birdbath.

8. Cement Block Bench

With twelve cinder blocks, a generous helping of heavy duty concrete glue, four pieces of 4×4 lumber, paint, and some cushions, you can recreate the stunning and vibrant bench seen in the tutorial. This is perfect for spring and the colors couldn’t be any lovelier. Although it can be done, if you’d rather avoid having to add a “back” to this seat, plan to have a wall somewhere in your yard serve as the backrest.

9. Tire Table

A simple, yet completely functional outdoor DIY is this tire table project. Check out salvage yards, Craigslist, or landfills for old tires that you can snag to complete this project. Don’t have a large, thick piece of glass? Try locating one as part of a table at a thrift store or yard sale. Paint the tires, if you wish, and then pop on the glass, which you want to be heavy enough so that is does not tip over once it’s in place

10. Cabinet Potting Bench

Probably one of our favorites is this revamped china cabinet project that features a boldly colored hutch that’s been transformed into the perfect little place to tend to your plants and store your supplies. Have fun with this – from the color to the functionality details – because the possibilities are endless. Not into gardening? Then transform it into a mini outdoor bar slash serving area instead.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our (almost) instantly gratifying outdoor DIY projects for spring. Let us know which one if your favorite over at the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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