7 Fall Beauty Trends to Embrace

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If you’re aching to try a new look, take a gander at this list. We’ve roundup 7 fall beauty trends (and a few year-round beautiful looks) that you can try out now.

1. Rose lipstick

Nope, it’s not May. Rose lipstick is all the rage this fall season. The Huffington Post recently rounded up some photos of a handful of celebrities donning this cute look.

2. Pastel lipstick

If you’re a tad more adventurous and still want to rock lighter, delicate hues on your lips, grab a few pastel lipsticks. Wearing a nice pastel violet may sound like an odd office look, but when it’s paired with simple eye makeup and a clean bun, the shade looks quite grownup.

3. Bushy, brushed-up brows

Thank goodness for this news. This is one of my favorite fall beauty trends. I’ve been cursed, or blessed, with bushy brows since birth. According to Glamour, brushed-up brows can make eyebrows appear fuller, messier and generally, hotter.

4. Shimmery undereye

Take some of your favorite shimmery eye shadow, or an eye pencil, and give your undereye a little glow. Colors, such as gunmetal and gold, are great choices.

5. Pastel nail polish or berry nail polish

This Elle post is filled with beautiful nail polishes that come and various hues, such as blue orchid and rose pink. If you don’t dig the lighter side, worry not. The post also has some amazing deep colored polishes, too.

6. Glittery green eyes and smoky brown eyes

A subtle green on your top lid will keep you looking fresh day or night. And if you want to look a bit more traditional, try a daytime smoky brown look that’s described as “muted but sultry.”

7. Red lips and jewel-toned eyes

If you don’t want to throw away your deep red lipstick, you’re in luck. Slather on your favorite red and pair with a sapphire or emerald eye. This art deco look is perfect for a night out.

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