7 Game-Changing DIY Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

christmas decorations

Christmas tree decorating ideas that will compel you to break up with your store-bought decorations.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had the same, tired Christmas tree decorations since… well, forever. Aside from the sentimental ones, I look at the rest and want to switch them out for newer models. Different models. I want to Google Christmas tree decorating ideas until my tree is filled with unique garlands and ornaments I won’t get sick of the next time I unpack my decorations. Sigh. But where to start?

Right here, silly! Here are 7 unique DIY Christmas tree decorating ideas that’ll put those ho-hum store-bought ones to shame:

merry christmas garland

1. Merry Christmas Tree Garland

If you’re tired of the burlap look, why not create a garland that showcases your favorite Christmas greeting or saying? Get the tutorial here.

fringe christmas tree skirt

2. Felt Fringe Christmas Tree Skirt

There are many things to love about this Christmas tree skirt: It’s fun, festive, takes less than an hour to make, and costs under $10. Need I say more? Get the tutorial here.

crayon drip christmas ornaments

3. Crayon Drip Holiday Ornaments

These DIY ornaments have a vibrant, abstract art feel to them. Plus, your inner six-year-old’s going to be very excited to play with crayons again. Get the tutorial here.

pipe-cleaner snowflakes

4. Pipe-Cleaner Snowflakes

Who knew pipe-cleaners could look so chic? Anyone? Get the tutorial here. (Pssst, for more Christmas tree decorating ideas, check out these adorbs pipe-cleaner candy canes and pipe-cleaner stockings.)

origami tree ornaments

5. Origami Tree Ornaments

If you’re stationary-obsessed (you know, like me), then you may as well skip the rest of this article so you can get started on these ah-mazing origami tree ornaments. Get the tutorial here.

snowman ornament

6. Snowman Ornament

There’s finally an adorable way to repurpose burnt out lightbulbs. Cha. Ching. Get the tutorial here.

christmas tree mobile

7. Ditch The Tree Altogether

This Christmas tree that’s not a tree is truly stunning – and not as hard as it looks! Get the tutorial here.

Which Christmas tree decorating ideas are you using this year?

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