7 Gorgeous Greek Home Decor Ideas to Make the Muses Proud

Home decor ideas to get the Greek decor look.

Home decor ideas to embrace the Greek trend of 2015.  

One of this year’s top decorating trends is the Greek or Mediterranean look. The trend chiefly focuses on two aspects of home decor: color and pattern.

For color the emphasis is on what is often referred to as Greek blue, and whether the inspiration for it is the flag of Greece or the color of the Mediterranean, it’s a strong, vibrant, very pretty, feelgood blue.

As far as pattern, the Greek Key pattern is the dominant trend. The Greek Key pattern is an ancient pattern often seen as an architectural element or a decorative border on textiles.  It’s a repeating pattern of a motif that which resembles a key.

Retailers and DIY-enthusiasts are both getting in on the action, so if you are fan of the trend, here are some home decor ideas to embrace it in your home.

7 Home Decor Ideas to Embrace the Greek Trend

  1. Greek Key Overlays – Overlays are lightweight decorative fretwork panels that can be added to stair risers, dressers, corners, mirrors and more to add decorative flourish. The panels work perfectly on the front of stairs!
  2. Greek Key Drapes – The Greek Key pattern is ideal for adding a decorative border to curtain and drapes. It adds a very elegant touch to any room, but works really well in a bedroom.
  3. Greek Key Curtains – For the same effect, but without the expense, here’s a DIY no-sew version of Greek Key curtains. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.
  4. Greek Blue Painted Furniture – Bring an old wooden piece of furniture back to life and on trend by painting it Greek Blue. One favorite is Greek Blue chalk paint from Annie Sloan.
  5. Blue Bottles – Repurpose blue bottles as vases to add pops of blue to your home. Cobalt isn’t exactly the same as Greek Blue, but cobalt bottles are available from any winemaking supply store.
  6. Painted Ceiling – Add serenity and color to your bedroom by painting the ceiling Greek blue. Painting the ceiling is a simple way to make a big impact on your home decor.
  7. Throw Pillows – Finally, adding throw pillows is the super easy way to add any trend to your home without making permanent changes to your decor. You can even make your own covers to place over your existing pillows.

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