7 Modern Handmade Pottery Pieces Perfect for Your Pad

Handmade pottery pieces.

Looking to add a bit of a modern vibe to your space? Consider selecting handmade pottery with a modern vibe to your home and decor.

Decorating your home with ceramics is what all the cool kids are doing. Now, your mind might jump to images of stuffy pottery collectible figurines or crunchy granola retro pottery, but honestly, modern pottery is just simply in a different class altogether. Not only can you add some delicious modern form to your space, but also wonderful functionality as well. Think of lovely modern-inspired planters, mobiles, bowls, platters, and knickknacks to adorn your modern-vibed spaces.

And of course, you will want to choose handmade pottery handcrafted by artisans and not mass-produced claptrap from some big box home store. Ceramics are meant to be pieces that you cherish, collect over a lifetime, and pass onto those you love. Handmade ceramics also make stunning and memorable wedding, birthday, anniversary, and host gifts for your family and friends. Give the gift of pottery and you will never go wrong.

Modern Handmade Pottery to Decorate Your Space

Handmade pottery pieces.

1. Striped Pottery Lamp

Linda Johnson Studio

Why not add a little light on the situation? This lamp base is meticulously handmade from creamy white stoneware. Lines are etched into the surface and then color is added glaze by glaze.

Handmade pottery pieces.

2. Geometric Planter


Your handmade pottery collection wouldn’t be complete without a ceramic planter. This modern geometric planter pot is made of light gray glazed ceramic and features a delicate square geometric pattern. It’s perfect for a windowsill herb garden or as a succulent planter.

Handmade pottery pieces.

3. Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers


Everyone needs salt and pepper shakers and why not this modern pair the ultimate marriage of form and function. Made from natural basalt and a cream white glaze for an elegant and simple impact. Just lovely.

Handmade pottery pieces.

4. Ceramic Utensil Holder


Another great functional way to utilize modern handmade pottery is with this ceramic utensil holder. It’s made in black matte that’s been dipped in a gray glaze. The clean and modern look  will be the perfect addition to your kitchen counter.

Handmade pottery pieces.

5. Stoneware Clock


A clock where time is not the centerpiece, but the wonderful modern design is actually the star. It can be custom handmade in a variety of stoneware color options. It also can be mounted on the wall or sit in an included stand in any position. Salvadore Dali himself would be proud.

Handmade pottery pieces.

6. Chandelier Light


Add drama with this elegant chandelier featuring perforated white clay pendant shades that create a natural and timeless light effect that is both utilitarian and sensual.

Handmade pottery pieces.

7. Ceramic Safari


These socially-acceptable animal head “trophies” are both stunning and quirky. Made from stoneware in a charcoal glaze, they do really look best as a collection!

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