7 Trending Decor Ideas You’ll Love This Spring

8 Trending Decor Ideas You'll Love This Spring

Stunning decor trends you just might fall in love with.

Now that the snow’s finally taking a hike, I’ve never been more excited to spiffy up my apartment… or more overwhelmed with decisions. With the oodles of paint colors, furniture pieces, and wall decor options to choose from, I feel like my head could pop right off. To ensure it stays attached, I’ve decided to start the journey with some good old fashioned Internet-creeping to see what everyone else is up to (natch).

Here are 7 trendy decor ideas that will take your home from blasé to… well, the opposite:

1. It’s all about the base coat

Painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to transform your home—and the most fun! So what’s on palette this spring? According to Puji Sherer, VP of Marketing and Chief Color Nerd at Colorhouse Paint, this year’s go-to neutral is (surprise, surprise) gray. “It’s a cool classic that can evolve from season to season and room to room,” says Sherer. “Gray delivers a lived-in elegance in a dining or living room, and works great as a gender-neutral backdrop for a kid’s room.”

2. Bring the outdoors in

“From chandeliers made of branches to hanging indoor gardens, more people are getting inspired by nature,” says Alex and Catina Voellinger of Conveyance Moving + Storage. Not only is it earth-friendly, but it’s a great way to decorate on a budget. Decorate with flowers from your garden, fill unique glass bottles with seashells, or bunch branches together and place them in a vintage vase.

3. Revamp your rugs

One of the decor ideas interior and furniture designer Bea Pila is loving: Bringing new life to old rugs by repurposing them as seat cushions. If you’re not exactly a savvy seamstress, Pila recommends simply overdying your old rugs to give them a completely new look. The secret? After dying, use a rinse of white vinegar and citric acid to set the vibrancy of the color.

4. Strategically plant trees

“Careful planting and pruning of trees and shrubs can save money in the summer by blocking the sun’s heat, and in the winter by allowing the sun to heat your home,” says award-winning green designer Pablo Solomon.

5. Install reclaimed wood floors

More and more people are using salvaged/reclaimed wood floors. “Natural wood is really hard to beat, and now that it comes prefinished, the DIY person can install a floor with none of the mess that once came with having to sand and finish wood,” says Solomon.

6. Add water elements to your yard

What’s more soothing than the sound of running water? (Sorry bladder.) Not only do birds and butterflies love them, but solar-powered fountain pumps are super reasonable and don’t require any wiring.

7. Go with the flow

“A mindset I’ve promoted for decades is now becoming a trend, which is tying in your interior design with views of your lawn and garden to create a harmonious flow,” says Solomon. “Such elements as floor to ceiling corner windows are really in demand now.”

What decor ideas are you excited to try this spring?

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