8 Fitness Trends That’ll Get You Hot and Bothered (In a Good Way)

8 Fitness Trends That'll Get You Hot and Bothered (In a Good Way)

A regular exercise program keeps you in fighting shape, boosts circulation, and keeps skin glowing. Yeah, yeah. We know all that already. If workout boredom has set in, though, check out the latest fitness trends for sweat inspo.

Know why it’s a good idea to change up how you move from time to time? Not only does it ward off workout ennui, but using different muscles means a more effective fitness regimen. The old school of thought on building strength and muscle is to constantly increase time, weight, or reps. But studies suggest varying workouts shows a faster rate of improvement and decreases the risk of exercise related injuries. It’s not bad for increasing exercise motivation either.

In the name of getting there faster and getting our buns to the gym, here’s what’s hot in fitness right now.

8 Fitness Trends to Try Now

1Animal Flow: Feeling primal? You will after this workout. Animal Flow includes gymnastic and acrobatic moves fused with Parkour and even a little breakdancing. Sounds pretty wild, but those who partake claim it’s a heck of a sweat-inducing program.

2Barre/Cardio Fusion: If the mere thought of Barre makes you feel like napping, this program may be a way to get in on the muscle toning and lengthening aspect with a bit of sweat. It’s a fast-paced, high-intensity, full body ballet-inspired workout for those who love their cardio.

3Cardio Pilates: Pilates is still going strong. And while it is an intensity level up from yoga, it’s not exactly a heart pounder. Cardio Pilates combines traditional moves with weights and bursts of cardio, mostly done standing. Get that sleek, sultry bod without the boredom.

4Poundfit: Like a dance class with Pilates-inspired moves, Poundfit uses Ripstix (like weighted drumsticks) to build muscle and boost fat burning. What’s with the Ripstix? The workout is the brainchild of two women who used to be drummers. How cool is that? Each class lasts 45 minutes and is set to heart thumping tunes.

5Skinny Bitch Collective: The somewhat offensive, somewhat inspirational name of this fitness program does raise curiosity, no? And unless you’ve been completely snubbing your IG account lately, you’ve seen red and sweaty proof of the work done in these classes. A huge hit in London and by supermodels, the classes are a combo of strength training and cardio with signature SBC moves thrown into the mix. As said on the company “WTF is SBC” page, the program is “designed to throw you as far away from your comfort zone as possible”. You can also get in on some SBC nutritional guidance and there is an online program too.

6Ropes Gone Wild: Yes, those huge tug-o-war style rope pics you see all over the place? That’s what they use in this fitness program. Weighted ropes work not only arms, but core and cardiovascular. It’s also low impact and suitable for almost any fitness level.

7Treading Water: Yep, just as it sounds, this fitness trend is all about simply treading water. The not so simple part? You tread for as long as you can. Up to an hour burns 200-600 calories and works muscles over the whole body. If this sounds mind-numbingly boring, turn up the tunes by investing in a pair of water proof headphones, or grab a partner and visit through the burn.

8WaveShape: You know how surfers always have killer abs? If you are nowhere close to a beach (or nowhere close to being a surfer) try this board sport-inspired workout. Better yet, it is free and you can find it online. Worth a try.

Which one are you trying first?

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