The Top 7 Fitness Trends to Try in 2015


Bored with your workout? Your body may be too. Here’s what’s hot in fitness trends for 2015.

If you are no longer seeing the same results from your workout, you’ve most likely plateaued. Performing the same exercise over and over means your body gets used to it and has to expend less energy. Muscles stop responding like they used to and you just aren’t feeling that same burn. Time to switch things up.

Variety is said to be the spice of life and that works with fitness too. Not only will revving up your routine be better for your bod, but doing something new is, let’s face it, a lot more fun.

So what’s it going to be? Following are the 7 Top Fitness Trends for 2015.

#1 // Bodyweight Training. Not just one of the top fitness trends, but forecast as the workout for 2015 by American College of Sports Medicine (the folks who accurately predicted Zumba would be the it workout of 2012). It’s no secret this type of exercise is good for you. Getting back to basics offers hot results with little to no equipment. You already have what you need…your body. Added bonus, you can do this stuff anywhere. We are talking the exercises you learned in gym class: squats, planks, pushups, crunches.

#2 // HIIT. Clocking in at number two is HIIT workouts, or high intensity interval training. This one isn’t for sissies but is definitely the most efficient. You have your cardio and strength training all wrapped into one workout. Scared? Me too. The good news, these workouts are so effective they can be done in mini sessions and still get results. Start with these 10 minutes workouts to burn calories and tone up.

#3 // Treadmill. If this is the machine you’ve been avoiding for years, take a new look. Fitness trends for the year include dusting off the good ol’ treadmill. And it’s getting social. Look for treadmill studios in your area. Like spinning for runners, these classes offer that running group feel but done in the comfort of a gym. And set to music. Actually sounds fun.

#4 // Cardio bars. Speaking of fun, you may be able to take your cardio to a different sort of group setting. Like, the bar. While the thought of cardio at the bar conjures a certain type of sweating, these locales are seriously healthy. Think juice-fueled dance parties, complete with DJ. Burn calories while shaking it with your friends.

#5 // Barre. This one has been creeping up on us for a while. Why hot now? Barre has become more mainstream. No longer the super exclusive, members only setting, Barre workouts are popping up in gyms everywhere. The benefits? Branded the “everywoman’s workout”, its ballet-inspired sculpting moves rival the best yoga practice.

#6 // Tech. Oh yes, workouts have gone digital too. There are tons of cool fitness apps that do everything from help you count calories or steps, to reminders to get moving. Like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Looking for a class but don’t have time to get to the gym? Search workouts online.

#7 // Recovery. Muscles need down time too. Recovery efforts are making a big splash in lots of gym workouts. Training hard is good, just be sure you aren’t setting yourself up for injury. Add in some stretching, massage, yoga, even complete days off from working out. It’s important to give days off to let your body recover, or take a down day when you are feeling under the weather or just worn out. The experts insist.

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