9 Workout Motivation Secrets That’ll Get Your Butt Off the Couch

9 Workout Motivation Secrets to Get You Fit Fast

You know you need to do it. It’s one of your New Year’s resolutions. It’ll make you feel better and all that stuff. Why does it have to be so hard to gain some workout motivation? If you are having trouble getting to the gym, read on for ways to pump up your workout mojo.

Working out not only keeps us in shape, it reduces stress and triggers mood-boosting endorphins. What’s not to love? Maybe that whole part about actually getting started.

A new workout regimen can seem daunting at first. After all, it a takes a good couple of weeks to see any benefits and get past that super tough phase. Some experts say all you need is 21 days is to establish any new habit. Seem like years? Let’s get you some fitness inspo that’ll have you ready and willing to get this thing started!

9 Workout Motivation Secrets

1. Set your clothes out: Getting up and putting on your workout clothes is an almost surefire way to get your buns moving. It is pretty hard to beg off the treadmill when you are already wearing your runners.

2. Don’t overthink it: This works with almost anything in life we don’t love doing. If you are coming up with reasons why working out today isn’t in the plan, you are not only wasting time that could be spent working out, you are less likely to follow through. Don’t think about how tough it will be or how much better tomorrow works or if you have time. Like Nike says…just do it!

3. Put PMA to use: Yeah, yeah. Positive mental attitude feels good and gets you motivated. But it can be hard to dig up a PMA on a cold, dark morning before the sun has even come up. Experts recommend visualizing your desired outcome as a way to ramp up workout motivation. Say, imagining yourself with Jennifer Aniston’s abs or how great you’ll feel about yourself later in the day.

4. Reward yourself for real: If conjuring up a positive attitude about working out is a bit premature, try giving yourself an actual reward. A spin through your favorite coffee shop or a stop in the steam room post-workout may be all it takes to get you going.

5. Get paid to workout: Ever think you’d be able to get paid for working out? Pact is an app that helps you commit to your fitness goals by staking money on it. You decide how much and, based on your commitment, get paid when you follow through. Skip a workout and you get fined. Yikes! Talk about fitness inspo.

6. Invest in yourself: Going on a workout clothes shopping spree or buying some new kicks will help to get you in the exercise zone. Not only do you not want your new items to go to waste, it’s always exciting to wear new stuff.

7. Identify your exercise persona: Are you a team player or more of an independent exerciser? It matters. If you prefer social over solitary, try buddying up at the gym or joining a team sport. If you’d rather go it alone, purchase a workout DVD or hit the running trail solo. You’ll be more likely to workout if you are enjoying it.

8. Create a decent playlist: Don’t disregard the effectiveness of a great playlist to inspire a workout. Thirty uninterrupted minutes of your favorite jams doesn’t sound so bad, right?

9. Make it your top priority of the day: This one can be tough. There are so many things that crop up in any day that can seem more important than going to the gym or hitting the trail. Think of it like this: working out clears the mind, makes you work more efficiently, uplifts the mood, and makes you feel good about yourself. Put it on your calendar and schedule time out of your day to make sure it happens.

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