12 Natural Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

12 Natural Beauty New Years Resolutions

Made your New Year resolutions yet? Don’t forget your beauty kit. Get your routine streamlined and healthy for 2015 with these natural beauty resolutions.

You’ve likely heard of the less is more approach to healthy beauty. As in, using fewer products means fewer ingredients on your skin. So true, but some of us are not so minimal when it comes to beauty. If you fall into this camp, read on for ways to revamp your kit for the healthier in the coming year.

Choose one from the following list and go from there. Or use these as inspo and come up with your own beauty resolutions.

12 Natural Beauty Resolutions for 2015

1. Ditch your mainstream moisturizer

Or any product that sits on your skin all day long (serum, eye cream, makeup). Conventional beauty products contain harmful chemical ingredients. More exposure means these ingredients have more time to soak into skin and body. If you’ve yet to make the switch to healthy products, this is a great place to start. Shop Spirit Beauty Lounge for a wide range of safe products, plus a helpful skin type guide.

2. Cleanse safer

If you are looking for an easy transition to green beauty, this is a fairly easy place to begin. Unlike our favorite moisturizer or beauty treatment, cleansers are fairly universal. Look for products free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Always stick with products made for your skin type. This goes for body wash too.

3. Take the less ‘poo is more approach

Not only are mainstream hair care products chock full of harmful ingredients, but all of that sudsing up is keeping your locks from looking their best. Commit to skipping a day (or five) in between washings to bring back bounce and shine. Feeling greasy on your off day? Try a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and add body.

4. Trade in your old scent

We’ve talked before about the hazards of synthetic fragrance, but it is important enough to mention again. You are not doing yourself or those around you any favors by sporting toxic scent. Test drive a natural fragrance and you will soon have your new, healthy, signature scent.

5. A more friendly mani

As you’d imagine, nail polish can be loaded with icky ingredients. There are several brands on the market making safer polishes. And they come in a dizzying array of color options. Grab a few and take your fave with you to your next mani session.

6. Invest in multi-taskers

What’s better than one beauty product that can perform several functions? Add an RMS Beauty Eye Polish to your beauty kit. These work on eyes, cheeks, and lips. I love Solar and Magnetic for winter.

7. Opt for refillables

Purchase beauty products with refillable containers to cut down on waste. Kjaer Weis makes incredibly gorgeous makeup products with compacts so hot you’ll want to display them, not throw away. Worth every cent, inside and out.

8. Recycle tubes, boxes, and bottles

While we’re on the subject of packaging…Most organic beauty companies take care to put their products in packages that can be recycled. Don’t forget to throw yours in the proper bin once you’ve used the last drop.

9. Clean and toss

As you do in the kitchen, be sure you are keeping your beauty kit clean. Wash brushes (I use a bit of foaming face wash, rinse well, and allow to air dry) and purchase new sponges regularly. Don’t forget to throw out old or expired products. Find out how long to keep products around.

10. Slough to smooth

This step is often overlooked, but regular exfoliation is essential in keeping skin healthy and looking its best. A simple DIY sugar and milk mixture does the trick beautifully. Gently massage over face and body while in the shower. Emerge with baby soft skin. This can (and should) be done once or twice weekly, depending on your skin type.

11. Say no to animal testing

By purchasing products whose ingredients have not undergone animal testing you are casting your vote to end the practice. Testing cosmetic ingredients on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Read a brand’s commitment page to make sure their ingredients (not just finished products) have not been tested on animals.

12. Add something new

Who said resolutions can’t be fun? Mix things up a bit. Usually stick to sheer lipgloss? Try a deeper color. Pick up a colored mascara or new eyeshadow hue. Find out what’s hot for the New Year and go for it!

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