9 Easy, Clever Ideas for Repurposing Embroidery Hoops

Ideas for repurposing embroidery hoops.

Don’t worry. Whether you have leftover embroidery hoops from projects never started or never completed, I won’t judge you. Instead, I will share creative solutions with you for repurposing all those unused embroidery hoops.

At an estate sale years ago, I came across a large lot of embroidery hoops and other embroidery gewgaw. I snapped the lot up, brought it home, and promptly put it in the closet and forget about it. Recently, while closet cleaning, I came across the lot and thought, “Oh geez, what in the world can I do with all these embroidery hoops?” Here are some of the cleverest ideas I came across. I haven’t tried them all yet; I’m still working on the closet, but some of these are on my craft to-do list for certain.

Ideas for Embroidery Hoops

  1. Front Door Wreath – Decorate your front door with a seasonal wreath made from a large embroidery hoop. Wrap the hoop in yarn and decorate with felt flowers or use two hoops, some cardboard, and fabric to create a double hoop wreath.
  2. Photo Frame – Use both small and large embroidery hoops as quick and easy to hang photo frames.
  3. Fabric Gallery Wall – Create a gallery wall by adding fabric to a bunch of embroidery hoops and artfully arranging them on a wall. You can even paint wooden embroidery hoops for a more gallery style effect.
  4. Mobile Idea 1 – Make a DIY mobile using an embroidery hoop as a frame. Start with the hoop laying on its side. Ideas for mobile decorations are only limited by your imagination. Ideas include making felt feathers, paper flowers, or fabric scraps to hang.
  5. Mobile Option 2 – Add lace to small hoops and hang those from a larger embroidery hoop for a boho style mobile.
  6. Hoop Clock – Buy a clock kit from the craft store and turn a hoop into a wall clock. Make several clocks to display several different time zone for extra points!
  7. Bed Canopy – Use a super large embroidery hoop as a frame for making your own DIY bed canopy.
  8. Photo Display Mobile – Another mobile idea is to create a photo display mobile using embroidery hoops, wire or fishing line, and mini clothespins.
  9. Corkboards or Chalkboards – Add cork roll fabric to hoops for instant cork boards to hang wherever you need to leave notes. Or paint canvas fabric with chalkboard paint for a handy chalkboard where you need it. Mix and match hoops with cork and chalkboard paint to create a fun and practical gallery wall.

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Handmade Fabric Felt Hoop Image from ItzFitz

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