9 Super Simple DIY Ideas for Repurposing Cutting Boards

9 Super Simple DIY Ideas for Repurposing Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards are easily repurposed for all kinds of practical purposes.

Whether your wooden cutting boards are worn out or you come across a treasure trove at a garage sale, you will want to hold onto or snap them up, whatever the case may be. Wooden cutting boards are one of the more cleverly repurposed household items. They can easily be upcycled and given new life. Discover some of the clever ways that cutting boards can be repurposed.

9 Ideas for Repurposing Cutting Boards

1. Tablet Stand – To keep your iPad safe while cooking, turn a wooden cutting board into a handy tablet stand by affixing a Scrabble tile holder to the bottom of board big enough for your device. You can add a support to hold the board up or simply place it in a plate stand.

2. Blackboard – Need an easy way to keep track of what to get at on your next trip to the store? Chalkboard paint can turn anything into a chalkboard. Paint up an old wooden board, add a hook, and you have got an instant way to make notes in the kitchen.

3. Jewelry Hanger – Anyone who has ever had to untangle a necklace can you tell it is best to store necklaces by hanging them. Add some hooks to a board that’s past its prime in the kitchen to create some additional hanging jewelry storage.

4. Serving Tray – Repurpose a larger cutting board into a functional serving tray by adding some handles from the hardware store.

5. Hanging Mug Storage – By the same token, a little hardware can turn a wooden board into coffee mug storage with some larger hooks and hanging the board from the wall. That’s one way to add hanging mug storage without creating as many holes in your walls!

6. Lap Desk – Whether it’s in the car or on the sofa, most of us find a time when we need a hard-surfaced lap desk. Ever tried to play a card game in the backseat while traveling cross country? A lap desk can really come in handy.

7. Pedestal – Add some knobs or repurposed stool legs to create an elevated pedestal on which to place a table centerpiece for your next dinner party. Use a glass cloche for extra points.

8. Stenciled Wall Art – Old wooden cutting boards can easily be repurposed into wall art. One easy way is to use stencils to paint designs and sayings for some decorative repurposing.

9. Clipboard – Add a pinch clip to make a DIY clipboard.

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