9 DIY Spring Repurposing Project for Inside and Outside Your House

Springtme DIY ideas for indoor and outdoor.

The trees are bursting, the birds are tweeting, and it’s staying light longer, all of which means spring is in the air and it’s time to get inspired by some clever repurposing DIY projects.

Whether for inside or out, repurposing everyday objects is both fun and practical. And springtime is the perfect time to work on projects for outdoor spaces–like for the front porch, patio, or deck–and to work on projects for the inside that repurpose things that might have had another life outside. Get your hands dirty and spruce up your space with these easy DIY projects..

9 Springtime Repurposing DIY Ideas

1. Garden Chimes – Turn everyday items into a back porch, patio, or garden chimes. Turn on your creativity. Use a large embroidery hoop or bend a wire hanger into a circular shape for a frame. Add everything from old spoons, broken pieces of pottery, old keys, sea glass, or what have you.

2. Dip-Dyed Herb Garden – Lots of household recyclables or other objects can be repurposed into indoor or outdoor planters–everything from jars and cans to old dresser drawers or baskets. Dip-dye for added color and design aesthetic.

3. Kitchen Cart Outdoor Bar – Come across an old kitchen or microwave cart at a yard sale? One of our favorite DIY ideas is to turn that cart into a patio or deck bar cart for your next outdoor gathering.

4. Step Stool Indoor Planter – By the same token, if you find an old step stool, then paint it up and turn it into a functional plant holder for the living room.

5. Bucket Base Coffee Table – Those galvanized buckets, that you probably have three of in the garage, can be neatly repurposed into a handy and smart coffee table. Here’s a tutorial for the how-to.

6. Gutter Planters – Replacing your gutters? Use the old ones as handy planters outside.

7. Tee Shirt Rugs – To keep the dirt at bay as you come and go from the outside, repurpose old tee shirts into fun tee shirt throw rugs. They can even be used for your outdoor spaces as well.

8. Tire Ottoman – Upcycle an old car tire, for the ultimate repurpose project, into a fabric-covered ottoman for your indoor or outdoor living space. Here is a handy tutorial.

9. Shutter Headboard – Bring the outside in by repurposing old shutters as a practical headboard. Add bright paint and a string lights to make it extra fun!

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