9 Top Movie Sex Scenes That Are All Kinds of Steamy

10 Top Movie Sex Scenes That Are All Kinds of Steamy

These top movie sex scenes are totally “grrr baby.”

Okay, so for the most part sex scenes in movies don’t depict how it really goes down in real life—the woman’s always waxed and ready to go, the lighting is always just right, there’s never an awkward pause to put on a condom, and they always make it look like it’s possible to have sex while standing and not end up with a broken vagina.

But no matter how unrealistic they are, you can’t help but love a juicy sex scene. (Ryan Gosling naked? Don’t mind if I do.) Some have even become timeless classics. The top movie sex scenes picked for this round-up weren’t picked for their level of raunch, but for their unique take on an aspect of life we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Here, 9 top movie sex scenes that brought something new to the table (or back of the car, or pool, or tent…):

blue valentine sex sceneSource

1. The oral sex scene in “Blue Valentine”

The scene when Ryan Gosling goes down on Michelle Williams apparently freaked people out to the point where the movie was given an NC-17 rating. Meanwhile, how many blow job scenes have we had to sit through and nobody bats an eyelash? Bitch, please.

Titantic sex sceneSource

2. The car scene in “Titanic”

None of us will ever forget Kate Winslet’s hand on that steamy car window. Behind that steamy hand print is what we could only assume was the world’s most amazing orgasm—and since most of us hadn’t experienced an orgasm yet, it at least gave us something to aspire to.

fatal attraction sex sceneSource

3. The ‘crazy sex’ scene in “Fatal Attraction”

The sex scene between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” is a serving of dayuuum with a side of batshit crazy. And word to the wise: If you ever suspect your bf of cheating, “casually” watch this movie with him and check out his expression as the closing credits roll. If he looks like he needs a change of pants, tell him to hit the road. Trust.

40 Days and 40 Nights flower sceneSource

4. The orgasm scene in “40 Days and 40 Nights”

In “40 Days and 40 Nights,” Josh Hartnett’s character is abstaining from sex, and at one point manages to bring his girlfriend to orgasm without touching her. Without touching her. It could only happen in the movies.

the lucky one sex sceneSource

5. The looong love scene in “The Lucky One”

Being that I’m a quirky dramedy kind of gal, I never really got into the whole Nicholas Sparks craze (that’s right, I’m probably the only person with a vagina who didn’t like “The Notebook”). When I started watching “The Lucky One,” I didn’t realize it was part of the Sparks money train—I was more curious about what Zac Efron would look like with facial hair, and what Taylor Schilling would look like making out with a dude. That said, the sex scene between Efron and Schilling is one of my favorites: It’s the perfect mix of aggression, passion and sweet/dirty lurv making, and is easily the best scene in the entire film.

love scene in Cruel IntentionsSource

6. The cherry popping scene in “Cruel Intentions”

In a movie where everybody’s trying to seduce each other, you’d think choosing the top sex scene in “Cruel Intentions” would be difficult. But the scene where Reese Witherspoon’s character loses her virginity takes the cake—not just because she loses it to the gorgeous Ryan Phillipe (or the fact that every teen girl at the time would’ve given their left ovary to be in her place), but because of its restraint. In this particular context, less is definitely more. (The Counting Crows ballad in the background doesn’t hurt either.)

Brokeback Mountain tent sceneSource

7. The tent scene in “Brokeback Mountain”

When the two (hot) cowboys finally face the pent-up sexual tension between them, it’s as animalistic and intense as it is heartwarming and heartbreaking. Too many feels!

Wild Things pool sceneSource

8. The pool scene in “Wild Things”

Back in the day, the highly-stylized make-out sesh between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell had all of my guy friends grunting like Beavis and Butthead—and I’m pretty sure it was their first glimpse at girl-on-girl that wasn’t porn.

Ghost pottery sceneSource

9. The pottery scene in “Ghost”

Between The Righteous Brothers playing in the background and Patrick Swayze doing his whole I’m-totally-macho-yet-sensitive thing, a full-blown sex scene between Swayze and Moore isn’t necessary—you end up spent from the foreplay alone. That said, Swayze’s sex scene in “Road House” is just as hot, but I chose this one because of the artistic use of the power of suggestion.

Which top movie sex scenes are your faves?

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