8 Best Movies to Watch When You’re Single

8 Best Movies to Watch When You're Single

Because some of the best movies to watch are even better when you’re flying solo.

While one of the main perks of being a twosome is snuggling up and watching a movie together (or ignoring the movie entirely for a makeout sesh), there are some movies you can’t fully appreciate unless you’re single—either because it’s one of those movies your bf would mock endlessly (so not cool), or because you’d much rather be single than drown in the messy-ass relationships depicted onscreen.

Here are 8 of the best movies to watch when you’re living the single life:

1. “Kill Bill”

The “Kill Bill” movies are by far the best movies to watch when you’re single—especially if your last relationship was the shits. As you’ll learn from these amazingly bloody flicks, it could’ve been worse. Like, way worse.

2. “Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion”

If you’re newly single and down in the dumps about it, there’s nobody better to teach you how kick-ass singledom can be than Romy and Michele. (Just don’t pretend you invented Post-Its. It never works.)

3. “Frances Ha”

This movie is a rare find: It’s about a young woman who’s trying to find a sense of identity in the big city that doesn’t revolve around her meeting a hot guy and falling in love—proving you don’t need a man to be happy, but you do need more popcorn.

4. “Sleeping With the Enemy”

One of my biggest fears is ending up with a guy who works a side job… as a serial killer. (This could stem from my mom being a “Dateline” fanatic, but whatev.) The husband in this movie is basically every woman’s worst nightmare.

5. “Waiting to Exhale”

This is also one of the best movies to watch with your besties (because girl power). Four BFFs bond over their shitty love lives and how hard it is to find a good man. The story’s an important reminder that women need to stand together, and stop acting like dudes are the ultimate accessory. That slot can also be filled by a Gucci bag, with no heartache required.

6. “Fatal Attraction”

I really don’t need to explain this one, do I? But in case I do: Being single means never becoming the wife who’s attacked by the psycho mistress. Watching this movie makes my ovaries shrivel up into little raisins.

7. “Blue Valentine”

If you hate being single and are starting to write Facebook statuses about it, nothing will change your mind faster than watching this movie. In fact, watching Cindy and Dean’s dysfunctional relationship crumble will make you so grateful you’re solo, your friends might start putting “Sister Mary” before your name.

8. “Titanic”

If you’re single, you won’t have to worry about pesky things like who gets the door in the event of a disaster. You know, no biggie.

What do you think are the best movies to watch when you’re single?

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