9 Wonderfully Practical Repurposing Ideas For the Kitchen

Great kitchen repurposing ideas.
Add some eco-friendly chic to your kitchen with these repurposing ideas.  

Looking to update your kitchen decor or add some organizational touches, then consider do-it-yourself repurposing ideas and projects.

Repurposing is a great way to reuse items destined for the landfill or recycling bin. You can also repurpose thrift store, estate sale or yard sale finds for way less money than purchasing new. That’s not to mention that repurposing can keep you out of that cycle of conspicuous consumption, which is a way better choice for the planet. DIY repurposing is also one way to get truly one-of-a-kind decor  for kitchen to wow your guests and to increase your kitchen functionality.

Whether reusing items from the kitchen or creating repurposing projects for the kitchen, inspiration is always the first step. Here are some great repurposing ideas to get you started.

9 Kitchen Repurposing Ideas for the Kitchen

  1. Shutter Plate Rack – Need more storage space for your dishes? Try turning an old shutter into a plate shelving rack.
  2. Dresser Island – Always wanted a kitchen island? You can make your own from repurposing an old dresser.
  3. Muffin Magazine Rack – Repurpose an outdated magazine rack into useful muffin and baking sheet storage.
  4. Ladder Pot Rack – Either hang or lean an older ladder as a pot rack.
  5. Painted Coffee Cans – Simply paint coffee cans and use them for everything from utensil holders to vases.
  6. Test Tube Spice Storage – For all you scientist out there, repurpose those test tubes into something a little spicy.
  7. Food Pantry Armoire – Need more food pantry storage? Transform an armoire needing a little love into a practical food storage cabinet.
  8. Highchair Cookbook Storage – Need some handy storage for all your cookbooks? Repurpose an unused highchair into a bookshelf.
  9. Teacup Lights – Create pretty teacup lights with vintage teacups and light bulb bases and cords. Some handiness required.
  10. Tea Tin Herb Garden – Give your tea tins a new life as pretty herb garden containers.
  11. Tiered Fruit Stand – Give new life to old aluminum thrift store colanders and cake pans as a tiered kitchen stands.

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