Add a Backyard Fire Pit and Make the Most of Autumn

Ideas for a backyard fire pit.

Enjoy the beauty of the season by adding a backyard fire pit and squeeze every last drop of gorgeousness you can out of the season.

When many people think of sitting around a fire, they often think of summertime barbecues and other summertime pastimes. When I think of sitting around a fire what comes to mind is the autumn bonfire–it’s a favorite amongst my family and friends. Sitting around a campfire, bonfire or backyard fire pit in the crisp autumn air is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the season. It’s also an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors before the cold of winter settles in.

Add an attractive and functional backyard fire pit to your outdoor space and enjoy the autumn beauty with your family and friends. Use the fire pit for everything from a post-football game hangout spot to a fun way to add ambiance at your Halloween party.

7 Fun and Functional Backyard Fire Pits

Ideas for a backyard fire pit.

1. Prism Steel Chiminea – A chiminea is a freestanding stove or fireplace that features a  chimney, which can be a nice feature to direct smoke up and away from the crowd. This pretty, yet functional, chiminea is made from heavy-gauge and long-lasting steel and will patina over time.

Ideas for a backyard fire pit.

2. Cast Iron Fire Bowl – Cast iron is both durable and functional, making it an ideal material for a fire pit. The sleek design of this fire bowl will add some functional elegance to your backyard fire.

Backyard Fire Pit 5

3. European Fire Pit – For a bit of old world style, add this stone fire pit. It also features a removable lid so it converts to a table. Beauty and function all in one.

Ideas for a backyard fire pit.

4. Classic Copper Chiminea – This copper chiminea is hand-hammered and also features a useful mesh spark screen, rain cap and a matching fire iron. The copper will patina over time adding to the coppery charm.

Ideas for a backyard fire pit.

5. Wildlife Fire Pit – This fire bowl features wildlife cutouts that will add to the experience at night. This large bowl also comes with a spark screen and a poker.

Ideas for a backyard fire pit.

6. Third Rock Fire Pit Globe – What a showstopper! This fire globe is handmade from steel and is made to last.

Ideas for a backyard fire pit.

7. Woodgrain Fire Table – This natural gas fire table allows for a cleaner burning fire than from wood fires.

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