Anthony Vargas of Tilth Beauty Dishes on Anti-Aging Skincare

An Interview with Anthony Vargas of Tilth Beauty

EcoSalon caught up with Anthony Vargas, founder and CEO of anti-aging skin care line, Tilth Beauty.

What do you get when science and anti-aging meet? That would be Tilth Beauty. The line, created by “Skin Care Scientist and Beauty Expert”, Anthony Vargas, is a combination of anti-aging chemistry and natural ingredients.

Vargas was behind the launch of some pretty big beauty products while working at Elizabeth Arden. He took his knowledge and experience on a mission to create safer products that deliver on a conventional beauty level. The result is a mix of ingredients, some natural, some synthetically processed. While these may not be an option for those of us into straight-up clean beauty, Tilth Beauty offers a safer alternative for women who’d like to steer clear of the worst cosmetic offenders.

An Interview with Anthony Vargas of Tilth Beauty

Liz Thompson: You are a “Skincare Scientist”. What education and experience do you have in the skincare field? How about the natural skincare field?

Anthony Vargas: Well, I have a B.S in Chemistry with a minor in Biology. I have been formulating and leading the development of skin care products for over 30 years working for two of the biggest personal care companies in the world. During that time I have also collaborated with some of the top researchers in the skin area. That work included skin barrier, antioxidants, irritation and moisturization not to mention skin lightening and aging. In the natural area when I first started to work in the field we actually used many natural ingredients. But, the industry turned away from them and started to use more synthetic ingredients that were easier to obtain. Now we are going back to more natural ingredients because of their benefits to the skin.

LT: What caused you to become interested in natural skincare?

AV: I actually started my career using natural ingredients and knew of their benefits. What got me back to them was the fact that many synthetic ingredients did not have any real benefits for the skin and some of them became questionable safety wise. I would rather use a natural oil or butter that gives a beautiful feel to the skin than a synthetic ingredient which gives the same feel but offers no benefits. You see the natural oils and butters help to nourish the skin with the abundant fatty acids, antioxidants and moisturizers that the synthetic materials do not have.

LT: Which ingredients do you not use in your products?

AV: I use natural oils such as jojoba, argan, rose hips, sunflower, olive and butters such as shea, coco raspberry leaf. Not to mention many botanical extracts.

LT: Are your products completely free of synthetic ingredients?

AV: Well, we do use peptides in our products and they are made through a synthetic process. Peptides are amino acid chains and amino acids are what make up all the proteins in your body so they are not harmful or toxic to the skin or body. But all of our other ingredients are naturally derived.

LT: Are the cosmeceuticals you use synthetic or synthetically processed?

AV: The peptides are synthetically processed and are made under strict processes to not use any toxic intermediates.

LT: Who are your products for? 

AV: Our products are for everyone and yes, that includes men. Anyone who needs to protect their skin or needs anti-aging products to help with the premature signs of aging. Also, the products are formulated for all skin types so you will find a product for your skins needs.

LT: How would you recommend a woman get started with your products?

AV: They should start by addressing their need. By that I mean what issue does she want to address? Moisturization, aging, protection, etc. By doing that first she will be able to choose the correct product or products to address those needs.

LT: Do you recommend any tips, other than skincare, that are healthy for skin?

AV: Diet is import to skin as eating the correct foods will help replenish the body’s and skin’s supply of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. Water is also essential, so make sure you drink plenty of it to keep your body and skin hydrated.

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