Bladder Blues? Natural Remedies for Healing a UTI


If you’re like me and are prone to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), you  probably dread taking antibiotics and are constantly on a search for natural remedies that allow you to feel normal again.

By normal, I mean being able to get to sleep without popping those little brown pills that turn your urine bright orange and downing pitchers of unsweetened cranberry juice and water to flush out what ails you.

I went looking for what might be helpful and found a wealth of tips and products, from homeopathic tinctures you can drop in your water before meals to home remedies like adding salt to a glass of fresh O.J.

I knew many of these would work better than my quick fix in college: guzzling cans of beer while soaking in the tub. Thought I would share a few with you.

First, how can you be sure you have an infection? I usually know from years of experience, but in case you don’t, there’s actually a home test similar to a pregnancy test. It’s called the UTI Test Stick and I found it at the UTI Home Test site. After testing positive, you can either call your doctor or try natural alternatives. If the problem persists for more than two days, you are advised to call your doctor either way. Bladder infections can lead to kidney problems and you don’t want to take risks.

At Native Remedies there’s a product called Bladderwell, a homeopathic tincture that relieves pain and burning much the same way the ingedients in over the counter meds like Uristat® (Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride) ease symptoms while you are healing. For sustained health, the site sells UTI-Clear, which contains a variety of herbs for supporting and maintaining a normal urine flow. They recommend combining this with another product, ImmunityPlus, which supports a healthy bladder overall. While it seems our immune systems are most at risk during the cold winter months, this can be used annually for support.

Many health experts, such as Stewart Hare who contributes to the Ezine Articles directory, extoll the virtues of vitamin C (at least 5,000 mg or more per day) to rid the bladder of bacteria, reminding us of this antioxidant’s antibacterial and immune-boosting properties. I’ve been taking that dosage to see if it helps. Stewart has a free E-book on "How to Beat Cystitis Naturally" which you can order at his site, New Being Nutrition.

Unsweetened cranberry juice and loads of water is grandma’s cure for flushing out bacteria. The key is to avoid sugar because bacteria loves sugar (and chocolate) as much as we do. While drinking your juice, also avoid caffeine and soda drinks which can cause irritation.

How much cranberry juice should you drink? At eHow they suggest at least 8 oz. of the juice per day. The site also recommends fully emptying out every time you go (holding it contributes to UTI) . Also, wearing pure cotton undies helps you to stay bad bacteria free.

If these alternatives don’t interest you, there are numerous sites offering D-Mannose, Meso Silver, and even teas and foods like watermelon for coping with UTI. Find some of these alternatives at the Women’s Health Channel and feel better soon.

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Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.