Blurring: The Latest Korean Beauty Trick for Perfect Skin

Blurring: The Latest Korean Beauty Trick to Perfect Skin

You know how the right Instagram filter can make your skin look picture perfect? C’mon, we’ve all done a bit of selfie enhancing at one point or another. What if you could walk around IRL looking like your complexion had undergone your favorite Instagram filter? You can! And it’s called “blurring”.

Yet another Korean beauty trick in the books. This one goes by the name of “blurring” and it is the art of diminishing flaws, in a natural looking way, with a few makeup tricks.

Gone are the days of thick layers of foundation and highlighter used to mask pimples, spots, large pores, and redness. This cool procedure utilizes makeup and skincare products applied with a light touch, to sort of blur imperfections out of sight. Think: Taking the spotlight off of zits, wrinkles, and redness, rather than completely covering them up.

Originating in Korea (where beauty geniuses are born, apparently), the makeup trick has made its way stateside in a big way. If you walk by department store beauty counters you’ll likely encounter several blurring products. Try one on the back of your hand and you’ll see it creates sort of an air brushed effect that is super soft and smooths skin tone.

If you want to try blurring without the synthetic junk ingredients, and we know you do, here are some natural products for achieving the blurred look.

The Korean Beauty Blurring Technique in 5 Steps

1. Start with clean, moisturized skin. Soft and supple creates the ideal canvas for this look. Juara Sweet Black Tea & Rice Moisturizer

2. Primer will create a smooth finish and give skin a luminous look, and help makeup to stay put. Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector

3. Choose a foundation that creates a dewy look rather than a matte surface. The key to blurring is patting makeup onto skin instead of swiping. ILIA Beauty Vivid Foundation

4. Now, before makeup has completely soaked into skin, go over with a soft brush. This will give the complexion that blurred look. RMS Beauty Skin2Skin Foundation Brush

5. Skip the powder. It can make skin look dry, and draw attention to wrinkles and imperfections. We are going for bright and glowing, here.

That’s it! Five steps to your best-looking skin. No filter needed.

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