Is the 10-Step Korean Beauty Routine Worth Your Time?

Is the 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine Worth Your Time?

In our Americanized world of fast, faster, and even faster, a ten-step skincare routine sounds sort of absurd. Let’s face it, many of us can’t even imagine taking the time to apply a serum pre-moisturizer. Alas, the multi-product Korean Beauty hype has hit the U.S. Find out if it’s worth your time.

Be honest. How often do your good skincare intentions dissolve into an ultra abbreviated rinse and swipe type of deal? Most of us don’t even feel like working up the energy for a quick suds before hopping into bed. So the idea of the skincare steps en masse situation that is Korean Beauty can sound, well, like a big no-can-do. As with most things, if it is worth it we will find time to do it. Is the Korean Beauty routine one such gem?

The 10 Steps of Korean Beauty

Korean beauty consists of 10 specifically ordered steps, tailored to individual skin types. The routine is a many layered process, intended to be done each night. Think of this as a ritualistic regimen that you can adjust to fit your needs. All of the following product choices are suggestions and may be swapped out with your preferences.

Step 1 Oil cleanse: We know the virtues of oil cleansing – binds to dirt, oils, and makeup, gently removing them from skin. Use Aster & Bay Cleansing Oil to remove eye makeup and all over face. Rinse with warm water and a soft cloth.

Step 2 Foaming cleanse: Most of us don’t feel completely clean without a little foaming action. Use super mild One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser for that squeaky clean feel without the dry, taut skin. Or you may opt for a cream cleanser on dry skin to retain some of the moisture from the oil cleansing.

Step 3 Exfoliation: It’s no secret that regular exfoliation rids the skin of pore clogging dead skin cells is essential in keeping the complexion clear. But too much of this good thing can stress skin and cause irritation and premature aging. For a kinder version of the every night exfoliation, try using a granular exfoliator, like Pai Kukui & Jojoba Skin Brightening Exfoliator, once or twice per week and sticking with a fruit acid product the other nights. If your skin is very sensitive or becomes irritated, tone back to exfoliating just once per week.

Step 4 Toner: Think skin refresher here. This step is for removing any excess cleanser, tightening pores, and readying skin to receive moisturizing products. Anti-aging YULI Metamorphic Elixir acts as a base layer for your next step.

Step 5 Essence: This step is viewed as essential in Korean beauty. Essence is a blend of concentrated ingredients said to brighten and firm the skin. You can’t go wrong with Lotus Wei Flower Elixirs.

Step 6 Serums: Serums are highly concentrated, potent ingredients that deliver deep down support to skin. It is important to use a serum targeted to specific skin types. I love this guide to choosing a facial serum. When in doubt go with MUN No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum.

Step 7 Mask: Sheet masks are a big deal and Korean beauty does not exclude them. This step is intended to deliver a whopping dose of nutrient rich ingredients to skin. And what is more nutrient rich than sea veg? WHAMISA Organic Sea Kelp Facial Sheet Mask contains sea kelp to improve hydration, elasticity, and glow factor. If masking every night seems like overkill, sub in a facial massage 3-4 times per week.

Step 8 Eye cream: Gently pat on an intensive eye cream, like Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream. Swiping and pulling on this delicate area can create lines and wrinkles. This goes for Korean beauty or otherwise, obvi.

Step 9 Moisturizer: Since this routine is all about the layering, think light, gentle skin quenching for this step. Fermented ingredients play a big role in Korean beauty. Lightly massage Organic Flowers Water Cream, with Natto Gum extract, into face and neck.

Step 10 Night cream: The final step is yet another layer of skin nourishing moisture. Go for a rich night cream, like WHAMISA Organic Fermented Flower Nourishing Cream, that will soak into skin while you sleep.

Now that you have the deets on Korean beauty, what do you think? Will you give it a try?

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