Embrace Your Face: How to Love the Skin You Have

Embrace Your Face: How to Love the Skin You Have

So you have some issues with your skin. Who doesn’t? If you have tanned, scrubbed, stripped, and slathered, and still aren’t loving what you see in the mirror … may be time to embrace your face.

We all have things we don’t like about our skin. Too pink, too dark, too pale, too irritated, too many zits. Rather than nit picking (and actual picking) try getting behind the skin you were given and giving it what it needs.

Choose Products for Your Skin Type

Use products right for you, not your sister, best friend, favorite aunt, or pop star in the latest issue of Glamour Magazine. Your skincare is about YOU. Your skin. It is as personal as your diet. Identify your skin type and issues, and look for products geared toward them. Your skin, and attitude about it, will benefit.

Conceal the Right Way

Are you covering dark spots, discoloration, and blemishes with a thick layer of concealer and foundation? Well, stop! It is not good for skin and, really, looks worse than a lighter touch. Be sure you are using the right color concealer or foundation for your skin tone. This will help a lot in coverage and provides a more natural look. Concealer should be one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Follow Spirit Beauty Lounge’s Color Guide to figure out which shade is best for your skin. Foundation can be tricky, yes. SBL offers a super useful Color Guide for foundation too, with several product options for each tone.

Own Your Skin Tone

We know tanning, whether in the sun or a tanning bed, causes skin to age prematurely and can even lead to skin cancer. Not cool. Self tanners are a safer way to get a bronzed look. But what about learning to love your paleness? Since my preteens I have tanned my fair skin every summer. I still love a great tan, but now I end up with more spots and freckles each year. Plus, I can tell it has aged my skin and am now envious of women with the creamy, even complexion. Protect your skin while you have it. Promise you won’t be sorry!

Get to the Root of the Problem

So you may be able to learn to love your pale skin. But what about acne or rosacea? Who is going to learn to love those? Try listening to what your skin is telling you. Unhappy skin is unhappy for a reason. Acne may be hormonal or because of an allergy or inner imbalance. It can even be something as simple as a hair product coming in contact with the skin or a dirty pillowcase. Deal with breakouts the gentlest way possible. Use products made with natural antibacterial ingredients that balance, not strip, the skin. Zero in on what causes your rosacea to flare up and steer clear of those things. There are even skincare products designed to treat rosacea and irritable skin conditions.

Hopefully these tips will help you learn to embrace your face. As with most things in life, being you is always the best choice.

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