6 Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making and How to Fix Them

6 Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

A makeup routine can become so second nature that mishaps go unchecked. Are you getting the most from your beauty routine? Find out which common makeup mistakes many of us make and how to correct them.

We’ve all committed a beauty faux pas at some point. We are not talking the pink and purple eye shadow of the ’80s or the dark vampire lip of the ’90s. These beauty slips are more subtle.

Are you committing common makeup mistakes? Don’t feel bad. Even celebs sometimes fall victim to beauty disasters. A simple quick fix and all is right in the makeup world.

6 Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1 Using the Wrong Color Foundation // You’ve seen it time and again. Foundation that makes a woman’s face look artificial or orange. Don’t fall victim to this makeup faux pas. Foundation should match natural skin color as closely as possible. To do this, find your skin’s undertone and then test foundation on your jawline (in good lighting) for a most accurate match. I find the best lighting to check any makeup is outdoors. Hop in your car, during the day, and pull down your vanity mirror to scope out how samples appear on your skin. It’s also important to choose a foundation that works with your skin type. Those with oily skin should use a lighter formula, like W3LL People Altruist Mineral Foundation. Dry skin types should lean toward a more emollient product, like Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation, to steer clear of flakiness or cracking.

2 Using the Wrong Color Concealer // This is an easy mistake to make, but super important to avoid. The idea is to camouflage blemishes and discoloration, and brighten dark circles, without going too light or too dark. A lightweight, creamy formula made with natural ingredients, like Oscar-worthy Ilia Beauty Vivid Concealer, provides natural looking coverage. Pro tip: Choose a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation color.

3 Eyeliner in All The Wrong Places // Eyeliner can make peepers pop or induce instant raccoon eyes. To prevent eyeliner overload avoid the Toos: Too dark shade and Too heavy a hand. Black eyeliner make you look like Liza Minnelli? Love Liza, but not everyone can pull off her look! Try brown. The softer shade gives the same depth without being as harsh. To keep eyes looking lively and awake, skip lining the lower lash line with your dark pencil and use a nude or white pencil instead. Benecos Natural Eyeliner comes in a wide range of colors, including brown and white.

4 Not Quite Right Red Lipstick // Yes, color matters. Different hues work better on different skin tones. Eco makeup artist, Kristen Arnett, fills us in on how to choose and apply a red lip color that flatters your skin and hair. Keep your preferred tube in your bag for touch-ups.

5 Arachnid-esque Lashes // With mascara, more is definitely not better. A decent mascara provides length, color, or volume without having to go full spider eye. Black is pretty universal, though if you have very light lashes you may want to go with brown for a more natural look. Top picks in this product category? For volume try Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara. To add length to already full lashes go with 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara. And for just a hint of defining color opt for RMS Beauty Defining Mascara.

6 Vanishing Eyebrows // Oh boy. So many things can go wrong when managing brows. Please, please do not tweeze your brows to within inches of their poor little lives. It is not a good look and they often don’t fill back in completely. Again, take a less is more approach to tweezing or waxing. If you decide to go DIY, follow this guide to tweezing the perfect brow. If you are more of a wax kinda gal, I love MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit.

File these tips away to flaw-free makeup application every time.

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