DIY: A Clock You Can Make in 10 Minutes

Another clever device DIY’d out of salvaged wood.

Get yourself back to the dumpster, claim your piece, and get ready to drill. It’s time for another handy woman project. Quite literally, in a small amount of time you can make this makeshift clock, (ten minutes tops). Useful side note to add here: clock bits can be found at craft stores, usually for about $10.


Plank of wood, drill with 3/8” bit, clock parts, spray paint (optional).

Step 1. Wipe down the plank with a cloth and some wood soap and remove any old nails.

Step 2. Drill one hole centered in a position where you would like the clock hands to be.

Step 3. Spray paint the clock hands the color of your choice. The ones seen here were gold, thus not easily discernible against the blue wood. They have been sprayed red.

Step 4. Screw the clock hands on the front to the battery pack on the back.

Step 5. Lean it on a wall.

If you want to hang it, you will have to attach some picture wire to the back.

One of a kind.


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