Drink to Feel Wildly Alive


Who needs soda, with its health-eroding sugar per serving and corrosive phosphoric acid and nerve-wrecking caffeine?  As a mom, I feel it is crucial for me to provide tasty, nutritious drink alternatives to my kids (and myself).

Lacto-fermented beverages sometimes called kefir sodas and kombucha are a smart choice. Kefir, a creamy, yogurt-life drink, works equally well in shakes and fruit salads. Kombucha is a fizzy, zesty, apple-cidery "tea". They not only taste fantastic, they offer outstanding health benefits that help you feel vibrantly alive.

Just look at some of the benefits of fermented beverages:

-They are supportive to the intestinal ecosystem and serve up a nice array of enzymes and nourishing minerals.

-The lactic acid has medicinal properties that can promote lactation, strengthen the sick and promote overall well-being and stamina.

-They are super-hydrating and, because of the glucose, are superior to plain water during exercise.

-When taken with meals they promote digestion of food; and taken after physical activity they will give you a lift by replacing lost mineral ions.

-They also contain a host of beneficial micro-organisms that help detoxify the body.

-Lacto-fermented beverages traditionally were made from palm sap, coconut juice, herbs and fruits and now we’ve expanded to seeing fermented sun tea. Add your own sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, stevia, vanilla flavor or hazelnut and almond extract.

To go wild yourself, learn more about kombucha and food fermentation.

Image: Arria Belli

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