Eco Luxury Fashion: Sexy Faux Leather from TildArt

Eco Luxury Fashion: Sexy Faux Leather from Tild Art

Faux leather just got a heavy dose of sex appeal thanks to the talented and fashion forward founder and fashion designer, Matilda Janosi of TildArt. 

This eco-luxury brand delivers on multiple levels providing its clientele with a variety of high-end apparel and accessories with a professionally executed upcycled vibe.

EcoSalon recently covered the atrocious cruelty at the hands of the Bangladeshi leather industry and its impact on the suffrage of cows as well as the health of the community’s residents and surrounding environment. If you haven’t read up on it, then please do so here, as the damage being done completely justifies anyone’s choice to seek out faux leather over materials produced from animal hides.

Fortunately, the latest manufacturing processes and materials have brought us the beautiful artificial leather used by TildArt. The innovative ingredients for creating these faux leather looks involve natural latex rubber, recycled bicycle inner tube, and occasionally wool. Janosi also includes other quirky designs and materials from her past collections, which include one that focuses on recycled movie film strips, and another that incorporates moss alongside the vegan leather.

TildArt’s prices reflect the eco luxury moniker it abides by, yet the idea of owning a unique hand-crafted piece of wearable art is priceless to some. With dresses, capes, jewelry, and accessories like handbags and gloves, there’s something to excite the faux leather lover in us all. Below are a few of our favorites from TildArt, but be sure to check out the website to see more of these eccentric and edgy designs.


TildArt’s dress collection, with a few pieces that some might agree would contend strongly in a fetish wear category, is not for the faint of heart. In fact, we think you’d best be adventurous when it comes to donning this sexy skin tight latex and “leather” but we’ll let you be the judge.

Eco Luxury Fashion: Sexy Faux Leather from Tild Art

The piece pictured above is called the Belted Inner Tube Mesh with Latex Dress and sports a black handcrafted inner tube layer of large fishnet-esque mesh (not pictured) over top of the latex dress, which happens to come in several other colors, including pink, black, red, and gray. The mesh collar is optional and the sheath below can be worn entirely on its own (as pictured) if you so choose.


TildArt’s jewelry is chic and would look great with casual outfits, an evening out, or even for the everyday bump and grind, with many of the brand’s pieces being perfectly appropriate for the workplace.

Eco Luxury Fashion: Sexy Faux Leather from Tild Art

The necklaces pictured above, from the pendant series, are some one of our most adored jewelry pics from TildArt because they’re made from handcrafted “rolled” inner tubes that are inlaid with Swarovski crystals and completed with black rubber and magnetic twist clasps. Our favorite is the flower shaped Cristallin Epais-Fleur Pendant.


While the purse selection is not vast, it is certainly distinctive and full of the popular fringey tassels that have been popping up everywhere this season. Much of what they offer, like the other inventory, would most likely be deemed statement pieces, so be sure to tone everything else down a tad if you opt for one of this brand’s handbags.

Eco Luxury Fashion: Sexy Faux Leather from Tild Art

The cross body bag pictured above looks like it could have come straight from one of the most popular fashion magazines. Called the Medium Tresse Fringes Bag with Gold Strap, this beauty is handcrafted from bicycle inner tube and is lined with satin.


This is where things start to get hairy – literally – so we’ve included the products that are most likely to contain merino wool together here so there’s no confusion for our readers who wish to abstain from animal products in their wardrobes. Some of TildArt’s capes, scarves, and gloves do incorporate wool, but continue to use only vegan leather.

Eco Luxury Fashion: Sexy Faux Leather from Tild Art

The particular gloves pictured above are actually wool-free (yay!) and every bit as impactful as her other products. These sexy fingerless gloves offer a hand-woven textured design crafted from recycled bicycle inner tube with a faux leather wrist cuff complete with metal grommets and adornments. These are also reminiscent of some fun fetishism and would look great at a party or for a night out when you want to play the part.

Sharing our finds from TildArt has been so much fun and is certainly a nice change of pace from the tamer eco fashion that we normally see. So, readers, we’re excited to hear from you. Did you like what you saw in this post? Are there any pieces you would wear from this brand’s collections? Let us know what you thought on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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Image of Woman in Collar via TildArt

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