EcoSalon Exclusive: an Interview with Jessica Ress of Angel Face Botanicals (UPDATE: discount for readers!)


We all love our green beauty products and I often wonder about the people who create them. If it weren’t for their innovative sensibilities, we’d be stuck using toxic creams and shampoos from the drugstore!

I recently had a chance to speak with Jessica Ress, creator of Angel Face Botanicals. Since the early 90s she’s had an interest in healing herbs and began creating herbal blends and lotions as gifts for her loved ones. Perhaps this sounds familiar to many of you DIY-ers?

Although Angel Face is a small company (hand making everything in select batches), they’re laying the groundwork to creatively produce on a larger scale. The demand for  well-made natural products is growing quickly! We love Angel Face’s entire line, from the amazing scrubs to the soothing bath salts.


I asked Jessica a few questions that I thought would be helpful to other women who share the bug for green entrepreneurship.
-EcoSalon: Do you consider yourself more of an artist or a businesswoman?

Jessica Ress: Artist for sure. Without the artistry in what I do, I would simply not be happy. Art runs deep in my family and each of us brings unique botanical edge to our work. It’s infinitely rewarding to use botanicals as my palate. I collaborate with the plants and natural materials to create an interactive experiential art form.
-EcoSalon: Is it a challenge to source the finest ingredients for your products?

Jessica Ress: I am finding it easier to source high quality natural ingredients now that Angel Face Botanicals is a bit bigger because I can buy higher quality materials in larger quantities for better prices. I only buy from reputable suppliers who share my eco-sensibilities. It is rewarding to be a part of a global network of business people who share a love and respect for the earth and its eco-diversity.
This circular phenomenon is part of the foundation for Angel Face Botanicals: skincare free of harmful chemicals and enriched with the synergistic botanical magic of herbs & essential oils improves the health & well-being of the consumer, maker, supplier, farmer and ultimately our entire planet.
It just feels good to be green!

-ES: What’s your personal relationship with nature and the earth? How do you connect?

JR: I think the business developed out of a need that my life’s work to be more connected to the earth. I was working really hard every day at a career that was diminishing me. I came to the conclusion that if I was going to work my butt off, it needed to be for something that I felt good about at the end of the day.

I made the decision to make a huge change in my life path, take some big risks and start Angel Face Botanicals. The business helps me connect in many ways to the earth and the people of the earth. I also have a deeper, personal & spiritual connection to nature and the energies of the earth that is maybe more difficult to express in words.

-Thanks for stopping by EcoSalon, Jessica. Angel Face Botanicals: highly recommended!

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