EcoSalon’s 2013 Eco-Beauty Approved Guide Part 5: 8 Personal Care & Hygiene Products

Eco Salons Eco Natural Beauty Aproved Guide

Welcome to the fifth installment of our seven-part Eco Salon Eco-Beauty Approved Guide: Personal Care & Hygiene Products. Coming up next is:


We’ve worked really hard to gather this list from professionals in the field, including Kristen Arnett, Paige Padgett, Jessa Blades, Greta Eagan, Sophie Uliano, Todra Payne, Renee Loux, Starre Vartan and others, along with our very own editors and writers. We’ve looked at ingredients, brand missions and philosophies, considered skin and hair types, all types of concerns and tested several products in each line. We’ve broken it down by category, with multiple options in each, so get ready for lots of options.

We’ve also considered price and tried very hard to include a broad range from luxury to affordable for just about any budget. Even though we’ve listed just one or two product recommendations per brand, it’s hard to go wrong with these companies, so experiment until you find your new must have products! Without further ado, please read on for the 2013 EcoSalon Approved Eco-Beauty Guide!


1. Blossom Organics 

Founder Melissa Jochim’s mission is to create naturally pure, effective and healthy alternatives in all personal care categories. In pursuit of healthy well being, beautiful intimacy and blissful pleasure, Blossom Organics creates safe, naturally pure intimate care products.

Product Picks:

Natural Moisturizer Lubricant (made to mimic a woman’s chemistry)

Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel  (nothing kinky, just a little added warmth and blood flow)


2. Erbaviva

Erbaviva was created to offer mommies-to-be and babies upscale products completely free from all harsh detergents, chemical fragrances, and other unhealthy additives. Today they offer a wide range of products for the entire family with bath, body and true aromatherapy.

Product Pick:

Deodorant (for everyone, an alcohol based spray when you prefer something light)


3. Preserve 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Those are the principles that have driven Preserve since 1996 and that motivate them to encourage more households to choose our 100% recycled and recyclable products over conventional products.

Product Picks:

Toothbrush (for everyone, it’s recycled and recyclable)

Triple Razor (for everyone, it’s recycled and recyclable)

buzz away

4. Quantum Health

Natural, over the counter products to help your body function more effectively – supporting bodily systems safely and naturally.

Product Pick:

Buzz Away (DEET free and it actually works, though reapply every few hours)

7th gen

5. Seventh Generation

The nation’s leading brand of household and personal care products that help protect human health and the environment. Providing healthy solutions for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people within your home–and for the community and environment outside of it, they want their products to make a difference—from their development through to their production, purchase, use, and disposal.

Product Picks:

Organic Cotton No Applicator Tampons (available in a variety of absorbencies, the shape is better than most)

Chlorine Free Panty Liners (for light days and added protection)

sir richard's condoms

6. Sir Richard’s Condoms

They believe the power of business can help bring health and pleasure to the global community.  Their mission is to bring pleasure and health to the global community while stimulating social discourse and evolving attitudes towards contraception. For every vegan, toxin free Sir Richard’s condom you purchase, you contribute one to a developing country.

Product Pick:

Pleasure Dots

deodorant cream

7. Soapwalla 

Soapwalla founder, Rachel Winard pulls knowledge from her study of Ayurvedic medicine, botanicals, aromatherapy and whole-body nutrition. Every product is made by hand in small batches to ensure quality, freshness and the utmost attention to detail.

Product Pick:

Deodorant Cream (for everyone, it actually keeps stink at bay and helps with wetness)


8. Vitacare 

VITACARE is a natural oral care system of vitamin-infused whitening toothpaste, alcohol-free mouthwash, whitening chewing gum and eco-friendly toothbrushes.  VITACARE’s products are infused with a powerful Vita-Boost Complex, which delivers a potent blend of essential vitamins A, C, D, E and Calcium to work in synergy to support overall gum, tooth and mouth health.

Product Pick:

Mint + Acai Toothpaste (for everyone, it’s cleansing, whitening and refreshing without being overpowering)

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