Environmentally Friendly Sunscreen Review: SmartShield


I spent most of my youth outdoors, either running around the neighborhood with friends or on the tennis court or playing after school sports. Needless to say, the harsh southern California sun had its way with my skin. Terms like SPF or UV weren’t on the tips of everyone’s tongues just yet. We preferred Baby Oil and Bain de Soleil!

There isn’t much I can do to remedy the sun damage done. Instead I take seriously the warnings of my dermatologist and am hyper-vigilant about sunscreen. I have tried them all. Who wants the oily residue or the strong fragrance or the anti-eco ingredients most sunscreens contain? Clogged pores? Ugh.

SmartShield is my new favorite. It’s waterproof, sweat-proof and made especially for the active and eco-conscious. Petroleum free, marine safe and biodegradable, it absorbs quickly into the skin and won’t stain your clothes or leave your hands slippery. Smartshield sunscreens are used by serious athletes and the US Coast Guard, as well as fly fishermen and scuba divers.

I tried it for myself to see if it was good enough for you, our eco-chic readers. My conclusion: an eco thumbs up. Reasonably priced in lotion, spray, gel and towelettes, they even offer a self-tanner and after-sun gel. Available at SmartShield.

Go ahead, have some fun in the sun”¦without the sunburn or the burn on the environment.

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