Grown and Made in the USA: Spring Fashion from Myrrhia Knitwear and Foxfibre Yarns

myrrhia knitwear

Myrrhia Knitwear’s Spring 2014 collection is made from yarns sustainably grown in the USA. 

This season the Oakland, CA based Myrrhia Knitwear is launching a gorgeous collection of fine knitwear, skirts, dresses, camis and soft scarves made in the USA.

The entire collection has been made from organically grown California cotton, naturally dyed silks and eucalyptus fiber-based Tencel and manufactured in a local, zero-waste factory. A collection for the stylish, sensible and ecologically aware woman, Myrrhia’s latest wares are empowering yet feminine and minimalist yet  intriguing.

myrrhia knitwear

Founded in 2010 by designer Myrrhia Resneck, a native of Santa Cruz, CA, Myrrhia Knitwear is a sustainable and conscious fashion label with the aim “to be part of the antidote to a culture who treats it’s people–and the environment that sustains them–as disposable.” The label has achieved this goal by setting up a system of fashion manufacturing that is local and ethical, made with locally grown and sustainable fibers, and designed to embody the essence of an aware, stylish and intelligent woman. 

myrrhia knitwear

Drawing inspiration from the protests in Brazil, and the historical female figures that have rebelled and risen against oppression, Myrrhia Knitwear’s Spring 2014 collection plays between the duality of romantic softness and strong female edge. The collection includes simple yet alluring silk camis and slips, tailored moto chic jackets, hand knit dresses and tops, infinity scarves and structured skirts. The entire collection is made with love at Myrrhia’s studio in Oakland, CA, where zero-waste practices, conscious creation and a love of sustainable fashion reign supreme.

foxfibre cotton

Featured in the Spring 2014 collection is knitwear made from organically grown cotton from a farm only 90 miles away from Myrrhia’s studio in Oakland. Sally Fox, owner of Foxfibre farms, has been experimenting with the cultivation of organically grown cotton in California since the 1980s. She has successfully created a method of growing apparel grade cotton that is easier for handspinners to work with and is in the process of  cultivating various cotton types that take natural dyes very well. Myrrhia Knitwear has been supporting the development of Foxfibre’s gorgeous yarns by turning them into spectacular and wearable garments that will bring stylish and sustainable self-expression  to your Spring wardrobe!

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Images: Myrrhia Knitwear, Foxfibre