7 Ways to Make Your Bikini Wax Less Horrible

How to Make a Bikini Wax Less Horrible

You’ve just purchased a new bikini for the season, stocked up on your favorite mineral sunscreen, and are ready to hit the beach. Wait. What’s the state of your bikini area? Whatever your preferred look, it’s important to know some bikini wax basics to prevent unnecessary discomfort and less-than-optimal results.

Let’s face it. Getting your bikini area waxed doesn’t top the list of most-loved activities. It is uncomfortable, a little bit embarrassing, and doesn’t always turn out the way you expected. And which type of bikini wax are you supposed to be getting these days, anyway?

There are as many types of bikini waxes as there are types of bikinis. In other words, you have options. While there was a definite trend toward the completely bare Brazilian over the past few years, these days (as with makeup) bikini waxes are more personalized and anything goes.

What does this mean for you and your situation? You no longer have to feel self-conscious if you are a bikini line wax sort of gal. That said, if you’ve grown accustomed to the full-on no hair thing, that’s okay, too. If you need an update, here are the most common types of bikini wax.

Brazilian: This baby takes it all off. Bush, labia, and buttocks are all left absolutely hair-free.

Brazilian in the Back: Like it sounds, this waxing cleans up the back end, while leaving everything intact up front.

Bikini: This classic waxing is simply removing hair from the bikini line. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Landing strip: Just like the Brazilian, but a strip, or triangle, or heart (you can get creative, here) of hair is left on top.

Whichever way you go, there are ways to make your bikini wax less uncomfortable and get the best results. As anyone who’s gotten anything waxed knows, not all wax (and waxers) are created equally. Why go through the pain and not get the gain?

7 Tips to a Better Bikini Wax

1. Go organic: Choose a salon that offers organic or sugar waxing. Much safer than those chemical waxes full of harmful ingredients, like artificial dyes and fragrance, and synthetic preservatives.

2. Let it grow: Yep, gross but necessary. Hair has to be at least a quarter of an inch long for the wax to get a decent grip. So, let that stuff grow.

3. Go in clean: This is not like when you get a haircut, showing up with second or third day hair. Do both yourself and your waxer a favor, and hop in the shower pre-wax appointment.

4. Pop a pill: If it’s your first time getting a bikini wax or you have sensitive skin, take a pain reliever, like ibuprofen, before heading to your appointment. This will cut down on discomfort and help with swelling.

5. Skip the workout: Friction from exercise can cause irritation and breakouts on freshly waxed skin. If you ever needed an excuse to not workout, this is it. Give it a day or two before hitting the gym.

6. Stay out of the sun: Of course, you don’t want to go in for a waxing with a sunburn. Ouch! It’s equally as important to avoid sun exposure on freshly waxed skin. Keep this area covered if you plan to spend time in the sun for the next few days. And as always, use sunscreen anytime you’ll be beach or poolside.

7. Soothe and soften: Try using an all natural cream to soften skin and extend the smoothness of a wax. Roots Beauty recommends Love My Muff lotion to moisturize and calm irritated skin.

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