How to Rock a Shimmer Makeup Look (Without Looking Like a 12-Year-Old)

How to Rock a Shimmer Makeup Look Without Looking Like a 12 Year Old

If you think shimmer makeup is only appropriate for kids,  ‘70s costume parties, or a New Year’s Eve bash, you need to see how this makeup look is done today. The trend is super wearable, even for every day wear.

Before you go on a glitter buying spree, there are a few things you need to know about the current shimmer makeup look. First off, shimmer is a very different animal than glitter. Shimmer gives a slight sheen to skin. It adds a lit-from-within look that catches the eye rather than steals the show.

Secondly, shimmer absolutely can be worn on the entire face. Just not all at once. In other words, if you are going for shimmer on cheeks, choose non-shimmer eye and lip color, and so on.

Isn’t shimmer the same thing as highlighter? Yes and no. Highlighters have that opalescent effect but are used to enhance the look of skin. Shimmer makeup adds color and is meant to take center stage.

You seriously do not need to be afraid of all that shimmers. Choose your products wisely, get in on a few good application tips, and you are golden. Which, by the way, looks fabulous in shimmer.

Products and Tips on Rocking a Shimmer Makeup Look

RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Lunar

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eye Shadow in Chai

Shimmer On Eyes: A bit of glint brightens eyes and either powder or cream shadow works well here. You can even double up by using both. Try this trick: Apply a layer of RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Lunar to lids, then brush over top with a sheer shimmer shadow, like Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eye Shadow in Chai. This will give a natural, slightly rose gold hue to lids.

RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Imagine

La Bella Figura Soothing Creme Eye Shadow In Damn Elvia

Want more color? Use the above steps but sub out the neutral hued cream shadow with something more vibrant, like RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Imagine and La Bella Figura Soothing Creme Eye Shadow In Damn Elvia.

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Blush

W3LL People Bio Brightener

Shimmer on Cheeks: The look you are after for cheeks is glowing baby skin. You know, how you look just after stepping out of a hot shower. Begin by brushing on a layer of shimmer powder blush that is suited to your natural skin tone. Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Blush works on most complexions. Next, set blush with a spritz of facial mist. This will give skin that dewy, almost translucent look. Allow to set for a minute or two, then pat on a layer of highlighter, like W3LL People Bio Brightener.

ILIA Beauty Lip Gloss in White Rabbit

Shimmer on Lips: Yes, you could simply pick up a shimmer lipstick. But to get a more natural lip that still has sheen factor, take your favorite shade to new levels with the help of highlighter. Use a highlighter stick for easier application (Bio Brightener works well here, too), and apply to outer edges of lips. Now layer on your go to lip shade and top with a coat of ILIA Beauty Lip Gloss in White Rabbit.

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