How to Shop Green Beauty Online Like a Pro

How to Shop Green Beauty Online Like a Pro

Unless you are fortunate enough to have the likes of NYC green beauty shops nearby, you likely shop online. Confused over color choices? Mystified by skin care options? Perplexed with pricing? Here’s how to shop green beauty online like a pro.

You are committed to nontoxic beauty. Still, sometimes you yearn for the convenience of popping into a department or drugstore, picking up your must haves and perusing the goods. Green beauty is a vast market, with loads of beautiful brands and high performance products to choose from. And the best way to go about scoring those items is shopping online.

Shop Green Beauty Online Like a Pro

Go to the green. First things first, know where to shop. Yes, you can hit up a big online beauty shop that carries a mix of natural and not. But this method works best if you know exactly which products you are buying and that these spots have the best deal. For a truly natural experience, go to the all green shops.

Find your favorites. Shopping the store(s) that has all (or most) of the brands you use usually saves you money in the long run on shipping. So rather than going to the brand site for each product, scout out which online stores carry your beauty posse and stock up.

Choosing shades 101. Makeup can be difficult to purchase online. As if matching foundation and concealer shades isn’t difficult enough, colors can look off on a website. Here is a trick I use all the time. If an online store doesn’t have detailed descriptions of cosmetic colors, go to the brand site. Brands often do a better job of describing their products, so you can get a good idea of what the color will look life once you get it. Now that you know, go back to the online shop and add the product of choice to your basket.

Choosing skincare 101. This can be super tricky. It’s not like you can look at a product and know how it will work on your skin. In department stores we talk to the person working behind the counter. They are knowledgeable on the products they sell and can tell you which products are right for your skin. Guess what? Many online beauty stores have aestheticians at your service. The Detox Market, BeauTeaBar, CAP Beauty, and Eco Diva Beauty all have on-call advisors.

Ask an expert. If there is no aesthetician service, send an email with your questions. Most shops are good about getting back to customers. Better yet. Ask a green beauty expert. People who write about green beauty have usually sampled lots of products and are in the business of sharing their knowledge and opinions. Scout out an organic beauty expert on IG that you can relate to and pick their brain.

Try it out. Think samples are out when shopping online? No way! Samples are included on most green beauty sites at checkout. The Detox Market offers 5 samples of your choice for under $9.99 and Spirit Beauty Lounge has a $25 custom sample kit, a great way to try before you buy.

Check out the goods. Thankfully for the ol’ wallet, impulse buying is cut way down when shopping online. But it’s still fun to check out items that you may like while picking up your staples. I love the targeted pages on green beauty shops, like This Just In on CAP Beauty, What’s New on Eco Diva Beauty, Best Sellers on BeauTeaBar, and Staff Picks on Spirit Beauty Lounge.

Have questions on online green beauty shopping? Shoot me a comment, I’m happy to help out!

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