Write 2 Lines and Call Me in the Morning


Chronic complainer? We’ve got the cure.

My life is good. And compared to millions of people around the world in very unfortunate circumstances, my life is very, very good. But despite the love, health and prosperity I am so lucky to have, I still find it pretty easy to tumble into a downward spiral of the gripes.

While ranting about one of my “problems” to a friend, she interrupted me and said “Keep a gratitude journal.” And that was it. I knew what I had to do.

Later that night I pulled out a notebook and simply wrote down something I was grateful for that day. And then I added a line about my husband, something I was grateful for about him. I did it the next night, and the next. Amazingly, within a few days I found I was complaining less and focusing on all that was truly wonderful in my life. It’s such a simple cure – and it’s free!

So here’s your prescription: write two lines, and call me in the morning.

Image: laffy4k