Hydrate and Heal Your Skin with 100% Pure’s New Skin Care Line

100% Pure Organic Cucumber Juice Skincare

We have all counted on 100% Pure over the years to continue creating fabulous skin care and makeup items. Now the brand has crafted brand new skin care lines targeted to specific skin concerns, like Organic Cucumber Juice for dry, dull skin. Find out how these products do more than hydrate.

As if the brightly hued cosmetics and fruity scented skin products weren’t keeping us happy enough, 100% Pure recently launched four new skin care lines. I was lucky enough to test the Organic Cucumber products, and since I have dry skin, couldn’t wait to give them a go.

As the name implies, the products are made with cucumber juice. This ingredient is great for calming and cooling the skin, and providing hydration while reducing inflammation. The line also includes antioxidants, skin plumping extracts, and healthy plant oils to quench thirsty skin.

Fall has been around for a couple of seconds and my skin is already showing signs of dryness. Those of you with dry skin know that redness and irritation seem to come along for the ride. Cucumber juice is gentle and soothing–great for skin that is not so happy. And, I was pleasantly surprised by the way these products reduced any redness, left my skin feeling calm and supported, and gave it a nice moisture boost.

What I didn’t count on is it working on acne. My teenage daughter battles breakouts but also has skin that is not overly oily and too delicate for harsh ingredients usually used to create acne control products. Treating this type of skin is a slippery slope between keeping blemishes at bay and ending up with dry, inflamed skin.

Well, this line seems suited to this particular skin type. My daughter uses the Cleansing Foam daily (it has a light foam and super fresh scent!) and the Renewal Serum tones down redness while offering the hydration her skin needs.

If your skin seems to crave balance, 100% Pure Organic Cucumber Juice collection is a great place to start.

A Peek at 100% Pure Organic Cucumber Juice Skin Care

Cucumber juice may be the main ingredient in this new line, but there are other potent ingredients that deserve credit too. Hyaluronic acid draws moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated and plumped. CoQ10 is used to improve skin’s firmness and helps to protect against moisture loss. And alpha-lipoic acid offers antioxidant protection to curtail further dehydration and protect the complexion.

Organic Cucumber Juice Cleansing Foam: A lightly foaming, super gentle daily cleanser that doesn’t strip skin or cause irritation. Perfect for delicate skin types in need of hydration.

Organic Cucumber Juice Emulsion Tonique: This is the toner your dry skin needs. A milky, almost-liquid formula that sinks into skin. So cooling and soothing.

Organic Cucumber Juice Renewal Serum: A gel serum that slides onto skin and sinks right in. Skin looks and feels supple and happy.

Organic Cucumber Juice Replenishing Eye Cream: This eye cream offers skin smoothing hydration without being greasy. A daily essential.

Organic Cucumber Juice Hydrating Moisturizer: This facial moisturizer seems ultra light going on, but lends rich hydration to skin. No greasy after feel, just smooth, soft skin.

More New Lines by 100% Pure

Organic Cucumber Juice is just one of the new 100% Pure Organic Skincare Lines. The natural brand has been busy coming up with three other new skin care lines too:

100% Pure Organic Matcha Skincare

Organic Matcha Anti-aging is designed to strengthen skin’s natural ability to defend and repair itself. Made with antioxidants from matcha green tea, these products fight free radicals and repair damage. The line also uses organic seaweed extract to give skin a luminous look, CoQ10 to firm, and alpha-lipoid acid for an added antioxidant boost. Product line-up includes Cleansing Foam, Antioxidants Smoothing Scrub, Emulsion Tonique, Shielding Serum, and Moisturizer. Ideal for those experiencing signs of aging, dryness, or sun damage.

100% Pure Organic Rose Water Skincare

Organic Rose Water Sensitive Skin calms and controls upset skin. Nutrient and antioxidant rich ingredients are used to provide a protective effect for delicate skin types. Rose water, calendula, and comfrey leave skin feeling balanced and hydrated. The line includes Cleansing Foam, Calming Serum, Emulsion Tonique, and Nourishing Moisturizer. Perfect for those with irritable or inflamed skin.

100% Pure High Potency Reversal Skincare

Organic High Potency Reversal restores a youthful appearance to skin. Rosehip extract does wonders for softening lines and wrinkles, and brightening dark spots. Coffee brightens dull complexions and tightens skin. These products also include organic resveratrol, an antioxidant rich ingredient with powerful anti-aging benefits. This line is comprised of Cleansing Foam, Emulsion Tonique, Restore Serum, Repair Moisturizer, Repair Night Cream, and Repair Eye Cream. Does wonders for smoothing wrinkles, and restoring plumpness and elasticity to skin.

100% Pure uses certified organic ingredients whenever possible. All products are cruelty-free, and free from artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives, and other toxic ingredients.

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