Kombucha Beer: Catch a Fermented Buzz!

Unity Kombucha fermented beer

Kombucha, a fermented tea drink with probiotic properties, has become very popular over the past few years. Regular kombucha only has trace amounts of alcohol, but what happens if you up the ante?

One couple is finding out. Called Unity Vibration Triple Goddess, it’s a marriage of fresh-brewed kombucha, organic hops, and a medley of seasonal flavors. This kombucha beer is 95 percent organic, gluten-free, raw, vegan, and sourced from local producers whenever possible. But at 7 percent alcohol, you’ll be flying high after enjoying just a couple.

Rachel and Tarek Kanaan have been brewing kombucha since 2008 when they started selling their home brewed bliss out of a van in Santa Barbara. Their newest venture is actually a product of the couple’s unwillingness to sacrifice their beloved recipe.

“When kombucha tea was recalled a few years ago because of its alcohol content, we didn’t want to change our recipe,” says Rachel. “Instead we decided to become a microbrewery so we could continue to make kombucha tea the way we wanted to.”

A Healthier Beer

The process of fermenting kombucha tea naturally produces alcohol but only a very slight .5 to 1 percent. As a microbrewery the natural next step was to brew beer as well and see what happened when they were combined.

According to Tarek, kombucha beer is healthier than other beers because of the ingredients. Literally everything in it is good for you, from raw ginger to organic raspberries, as well the probiotics and phytonutrients.

The Kanaans now hope to bring healthy beer to the masses and thus far their delightful kombucha beer is being sold in California, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio. They’re constantly coming up with enlightened combos like raspberry, ginger, bourbon peach, and their signature Kombucha Pale Ale.

Brewing Beer With Intention

For the Kanaans, it’s all about intention. And this isn’t just a mission statement, it’s present in everything that they do. Each tank is named and has a positive mantra posted on its side. Rachel even blesses the tanks with Tibetan bowls because the couple believes you can create whatever you want in your life through positive intention–their kombucha beer is a product of that intention.

They’ve come a long way since selling kombucha from the back of their van. The couple eventually moved to Ypsilanti, MI, where they produced home brewed kombucha tea and later kombucha beer from a commercial kitchen in their 300 square foot basement. Today, they’ve expanded to a 2,400 square foot manufacturing facility in the same Michigan town but their emphasis is still on producing carefully home brewed kombucha goodness.

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