Layering in Decor? Learn How to Layer Your Living Spaces!

How to layer in your home.

Add layers to your home for comfort and style.

You’ve heard of layering in fashion, but what is layering in decor? The concept is pretty much the same-layering colors, pattern and texture to add visual interest and comfort. Much like you would layer with a sweater, patterned tights or with a bright-colored scarf for added warmth or add some pizzazz, you can create layers in your living spaces in the same way. Read on to learn how to layer.

Adding layers in your home can work to make rooms comfier and warmer, but the practice can also create added depth and dimension or can even help to camouflage those areas that need it.

Layering in home decor isn’t complicated. It’s as simple as adding color, texture, pattern via pillows, throws, rugs, curtains and more. The key is balance–just as with layering in fashion. Too much layering can look sloppy or cluttered and can actually end up working against your desired effect.

The best way to learn is from others who have done it. Here are some great how-to resources, tips and ideas on how to layer in your home.

Learn How to Layer

Great Layering Pieces to Add to Your Home

How to layer.


Image: Anthropologie

This Mexican Wedding Throw adds lovely texture. Throw it on the sofa or bed with mix and match textures for the layered throw look.

How to layer.


Image: West Elm

Add a floor mirror to an entryway or a living room for layering ease. Alternatively, display a collection of mirrors on a mantle.

How to layer.


Image: Crate & Barrel

A strong patterned rug over a distinct hardwood floor is very striking. Another trick is to layer a neutral rug under a patterned one.

How to layer.


Image: Restoration Hardware

One simple way to add texture to windows is with textured linen sheers.

How to layer.


Image: Ikea

Mix and match pillows of different colors, textures and patterns to add layering interest and comfort to your room.

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