Link Love: the Coachella Diet + Courtney’s Bringing Hole Back + NYC’s Sad Gentrification


This week’s Link Love edition kinda rocks. Hole is back together. You can lose weight on the Coachella Diet. What’s up with disposable chopsticks? NYC is way too gentrified and more…

WTF? It’s the Coachella Diet. For reals. [via Well+GoodNYC]

Does Girls Night Out include takeout Chinese food? Better bring your own chopsticks. [via Eat Drink Better]

You knew she’d never really go away. Courtney Love reunites Hole. [via Spin]

Hey look! It’s the NYC nobody remembers. [via Grist]

Is there really such a thing as conscious fashion? [via Mommy Greenest]

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Image via Spin