Link Love: The Year in Quotes, 5 Fab Stocking Stuffers + War Against Christmas?


This week’s Link Love looks at what we’re reading on the web, and it’s been a good week as the year winds down.

Don’t just grab candy and who-knows-what at the drugstore! Swap the tradition of giving tube socks for ones that she’ll actually wear to spin class. Check out these 5 fabulous healthy stocking stuffers. [via Well+Good NYC]
We’ve heard it time and time again that one of the main reasons people struggle with eating healthy is because it’s so expensive. But the truth is it might be cheaper than you think. [via Naturally Savvy]

She Lives On Love Street is a gorgeous love letter to Jim Morrison of The Doors, in the form of an organic, eco-friendly, vegan clothing line – handmade in the USA by one lovely kind activist. [ via GirlieGirl Army]

What does the term “punk” mean in 2013? Is the internet enhancing our enjoyment of music or totally killing it at this point? How important are record labels? What did Francis Ford Coppola say when he watched R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” for the first time? Check out 2013 in quotes. [via Pitchfork]

If President Barack Obama wanted to take down Santa Claus, how would he do it? And would it work? A classified report obtained by Mother Jones sheds new light on the Department of Defense’s plans. [via Mother Jones]

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Image via Mother Jones