Mmmmm, sex. Is there anything that’ll make you feel better than a heart-pounding romp between the sheets? Or better yet, on the couch, in a grassy field, or on the floor.

But what can you do when it’s not really working anymore? Sometimes our sex lives need a boost. Sex isn’t just nice for private pleasures, but enhances your mood, your immune system and you general vitality. Here are some ideas to regain that juiciness and get the glow again.

-Sexy panties. It’s such a small thing – and the smaller the better! Even if you’re a busy mom, you can surprise your partner with a lacy thong under your comfy pajamas.
-Dance. A sexy slow dance by candlelight in the living room, or a wild, frenetic jiggle – just move your bodies around and get that vital energy going!
-Talk sex in public. Go out for dessert – think chocolate! – and talk only about sex. Divulge your fantasies, your favorite naughty moments, and anything else that makes you blush, giggle and whisper. Being naughty in public is a great turn-on.
- Do it outside. This one’s my favorite. I feel so alive in the sunshine, getting grass in my hair. Find an out of the way spot and just go for it! It’s easier to be surreptitious if you wear a longer skirt with no panties underneath.
-Make a sexy movie. Set up your digital camera on a tripod and make a little film just for him. Or send some suggestive photos with your cell phone – just be absolutely sure you send it to the right person!
-Make-out. Remember how fun it was to be a virgin and just make-out, knowing that it wasn’t going to go any further for the time being? Regain some of that mystery and just kiss for a while without any heavy petting.
-Quickie in the bathroom. This one’s great for parents. You can lock the door and turn on the fan to hide the noise.

Get more tips and learn about the important health benefits of sex. Frequent sex with a partner you trust is healthy and natural – and we women need to put our health first (wink wink). To learn how to green your sexual escapades visit our pals at Treehugger. And, ahem, for a green "buzz" click here.

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