Ecosalon Recipes: The Breakfast with the Wonderful Name


I love the name “muesli.” It sounds just as creamy and delicious as it is. And even though it’s brought to us by the reputedly regimented and well-organized Swiss, muesli is a breakfast that’s simple to make and easy to experiment with.

The key factor is the soaking the oats. Begone, quick oats or (gasp!) microwave oatmeal packages. Muesli relies on soaking whole oats overnight (or at least for an hour or two) along with dried fruits and nuts to create a magnificently healthy, flavorful breakfast. Oats are, after all, a great source of fiber and folic acid, plus zinc and other minerals. Let me say it again: it’s important to soak the oats, thereby keeping them uncooked, with all their enzymes intact.

Now, to the creative part. I usually do this at night so my muesli will be perfectly creamy in the morning.

- Start with ½ cup to a cup of whole oats in a bowl (it depends how hungry you are in the mornings!)

- Add dried nuts and fruits (chopped dates, figs, apricots, papaya, be creative!). A dash of cinnamon is always nice.

- Pour enough pure water over the mix to cover them, plus just a bit more (everything will expand as it soaks).

By the morning you’ll have a soft, creamy cereal to which you can add a dash of vanilla rice milk, organic heavy cream or yogurt for some extra deliciousness. The soaked fruit lets out plenty of natural sugar, but if you prefer your breakfast a little sweeter, add a bit of your favorite natural sweetener. Bon apetit!

Image: cyclone bill