Natural Beauty: Get a No-Knife Facelift with 3 Natural Ways to Beat the Sags and Wrinkles


Imagine the stress your face goes through on a daily basis. Natural beauty creams and make-up aside, gravity has it being pulled downwards all day, everyday. And unless you sleep on your back, your face is either being dragged to one side or squished into a pillow. So as we get older, this wear and tear makes our faces wrinkle, sag, and attain a rough, unbalanced texture and appearance.

Luckily, going under the knife isn’t the only way to counteract these effects. If consistent with these tips, you can tone face muscles and pull your face up where it belongs, in the direction of your smile.

The following three wrinkle-blasting, face-toning tips are just needles in the natural beauty haystack of ways to improve your complexion and face tautness. Don’t forget, a plant-based diet and organic face products devoid of toxic chemicals will set the base and are perhaps the most effective factors to fighting age.

1. Puff it Up

The “buccinator” muscles are located in your cheeks. Strengthening these muscles will help to firm and lift your face. To exercise these muscles, puff your face like a blow fish and tap your cheeks with your hands. Relax and repeat. Keep doing until your face aches. Do this three times per week.

2. Turn it Upside Down

There are many benefits associated with inversions. When you are upside down or lying so that you head is at the bottom of an incline, blood rushes to your face, improving circulation and providing oxygen to tissue. This also gives your face a break from gravity, which is apparent in the very obvious physical feeling of your face sliding upward as you invert.

3. Self Massage

Sometimes all you need to prevent the wrinkle wrath is a well-deserved massage – on your face, that is. Apply an oil cleanser to your face and being to use both hands to massage in small circles, starting on the corners and moving inwards, all over your face. Focus on wrinkle areas and massage upwards against the grain. When finished, light tap your skin with the tips of your fingers and wash and dry clean.

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