Positive Messaging on Beauty Labels: A Feel Good Trend

positive messaging in natural beauty

Beauty product marketing usually focuses on outward beauty. The appearance of skin, hair, body. But if beauty truly comes from within, shouldn’t beauty brands be putting more energy behind positive messaging on their product labels?

In the era of anti-aging everything, it is refreshing to see beauty brands jumping on the positive image bandwagon. And we are talking major fashion and beauty brands, here. Dove has been doing the whole positive messaging thing for a while now with its Campaign for Real Beauty. The campaign has included soaps imprinted with words like LOVE, KIND, and REAL, and ads of women of every shape, size, and appearance. Cellulite and all.

Another big name to on the feel-good message is makeup artist, Sonia Kashuk, who has created a line of empowering beauty products for Target. The boxing glove motif items are aimed at bringing awareness to bullying and social-media-driven ideals. Check out the campaign on Instagram.

Ok, so what about green beauty brands with positive messaging? Read your mind. Of course, there are natch beauty brands behind the positive labeling trend.

6 Natural Beauty Brands With Positive Messaging

Plant Apothecary

1. Plant Apothecary: This line of straightforward skincare and body products help you regain your focus in a completely no sh*t manner. Look pretty cool sitting in your shower too. Just sayin’

Neom Organics London

2. Neom Organics London: A beautiful range with a feel good vibe. Catch phrases like GREAT DAY and BURST OF ENERGY prompt you toward a head full of good thoughts.

Lotus Wei

3. Lotus Wei: This floral essence line gets to the root of all your stressors. But the products smell so divine you forget it is anything but pure indulgence. Choose from products labeled JOY JUICE, INFINITE LOVE, and INNER PEACE to instill a particular state of mind.

Living Libations

4. Living Libations: An upbeat jam simply oozes from this cool brand. Brightly colored labels spell out sunny day product names. Who wouldn’t want to use something called EPIPHANY ELIXIR, LOVE WINE, or ZIPPITY DEW DAB?

One Love Organics

5. One Love Organics: The sweet, baby pink label says “pampered” straight off. But with a scrub called BRAND NEW DAY, a cleanser named EASY DOES IT, and caffeinated serum with the moniker MORNING GLORY, you know you are in good hands.

Tata Harper Lip Treatments

6. Tata Harper Lip Treatments: Yes, they are super softening. Yep, they reduce signs of aging. But did you know they give you a little confidence booster too? Try BE ADORED or BE TRUE.

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