Sewing Basics: Master Your Sewing Machine With Step-by-Step Projects

Learn the sewing basics.

 Calling all you “Project Runway” wannabes who don’t even know how to sew. Finally, master your sewing machine and learn all sewing basics.

Learn the sewing basics.

For all who dream about sewing up quick home DIY projects and chic clothing (and eventually making it to “Project Runway”), but don’t really know which end of the sewing machine is up, your dream can become a reality. Thanks to a new book, “The Little Guide to Mastering Your Sewing Machine: All the Sewing Basics, Plus 15 Step-by-Step Projects,” which is a step-by-step sewing basics guide illustrated with nearly 200 photos and drawings, you’ll discover all the basic techniques.

After learning the sewing basics through the illustrated guide, you can then quickly test out your news skills with the 15 special projects that are specially designed to be beginner-friendly. Make up easy projects like the perfect little pouch, a cover for your sewing machine, a cami top, cushions, table runners, a big tote bag, and more practical and simple beginner projects.

Learn the sewing basics.

One of the best features of this handy guide is that it even has a fold-out stand and is set up as a spiral flip book for increased functionality. Set it up next to your machine and flip the pages as you work through the guide to learn the basic functions and accessories of the sewing machines. The guide also walks readers through the additional equipment you’ll use, choosing and cutting of fabric, the different kinds of stitches, how to sew pieces together, and more.

Come away from the experience knowing how to sew straight, take up a hem, and how to add bias binding, piping, and zippers. While the techniques offered in the book are simple, this book can help you get to the next level of learning more advanced techniques and skills. Everyone has to start somewhere, and this book offers easy to follow instructions that won’t overwhelm beginner sewers. Even “Project Runway” contestants had to learn how to use their sewing machines at some point!

The author of this indispensable sewing basics guide is Sylvie Blondeau, a French artist specializing in craft and illustration. She teaches sewing classes to adults and teens, and is the author of several sewing and craft books, including “Appliqué for Little Ones”.

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