7 Delightfully Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Learn how to sew with easy sewing projects for your home.

Easy sewing projects for your home to hone your sewing skills!

Sewing is among the crafty skills that seem to be making a comeback in recent years, and it is a handy skill to have. If you know how to sew, not only can you hem your pants, take in a skirt, and make other clothing alterations, but you can use your skill to make pillows, curtains, and other easy sewing projects for your home.

Sewing for your home can save you money, allow you to decorate with a personal touch, and can be a fabulous way to repurpose fabrics, like reusing a stained tablecloth to make cloth napkins. And while some projects may be a little too advanced for beginners or the average sewer, the key is to tackle easy sewing projects that you know you can complete.

There are millions of easy sewing projects out there for your home, but we have compiled some of our favorites for their cleverness or their easy breeziness. So, pull that sewing machine out of the closet and put your sewing skill to good use!

7 Easy Sewing Projects for Your Home

  1. Galloping Horse Draft Dodger – With winter headed our way, door draft dodgers are one sewing project that just makes sense. This project is also super easy for beginners or if your skills are rusty. You could use this tutorial to repurpose patterned fabrics or use the galloping horse template provided.
  2. Quilted Coasters – This Martha Stewart project for making quilted coasters is a perfect way to repurpose fabric from tablecloths, clothing, curtains, and more. Do make sure not to use a difficult fabric to work with like stretch fabrics or thicker fabrics. This project is so simple that you could sew up some coasters in about an hour or so!
  3. Yo-yo Wall Art – Easy sewing projects don’t have to be just practical. Use your sewing skills to make wall art from easy to sew fabric yo-yos. Simply sew up yo-yos from leftover fabrics and hot glue gun them to a painted canvas creating a pattern or design as you go.
  4. Linen Napkins – This super easy project for linen napkins is perfect for you to customize with your design aesthetic. Follow the tutorial and choose gorgeous autumnal colors for the coordinating fabric, colors more appropriate for another season, or even choose a print. The beauty of this project is it is so easy that you can make it your own.
  5. Geometric Pillows – Pillows are among the most ubiquitous easy sewing projects around. This project has a slight twist, though. Instead of the traditional square or rectangular shape, it’s for making octagon-shaped pillows instead. One clever idea for customizing this project is to use one color on one side and another on the other side.
  6. Patchwork Throw – While it seems cliche, we still love a patchwork quilt. But, making a whole patchwork quilt is a lot of commitment for a beginner. The easier alternative is to make a throw instead. It’s an opportunity to repurpose fabrics and practice your skills. This project is from Amy Butler, the queen of quilting fabric designs and is a step-by-step tutorial to guide you easily through making a quilt for the first time.
  7. Color Block Shower Curtain – Many may not think of sewing their own shower curtain, and to that we say, “Why not?” And if you’re going to do it, why not make a color-blocked shower curtain to add some color to your bathroom. It’s awesomely easy to do–check it out!

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