Amazing DIY Wall Decor Murals You Don’t Have to be an Artist to Create

Easy diy wall murals you can create without being an artist.

Add DIY wall decor to create instant drama in any room.

Looking to add drama to your home decor? Consider creating DIY wall decor like wall murals. DIY murals can be an inexpensive way to add excitement to any room in your home.  And if you think creating a mural is only the purview of established and accomplished artists, think again. While some projects might be better left up to the professionals, many diy wall decor ideas are simple enough for us regular folks to create.

9 DIY Wall Decor Murals for Inspiration

  1. The Mountain
  2. DIY Photo Wallpaper Mural
  3. Sequin Wall
  4. Birch Tree Wall mural
  5. Geometric Shape Wall Mural
  6. DIY Pizza Box Stencil Wall Mural
  7. Chalkboard Wall Mural
  8. Gold Moon Wall Mural
  9. Ombre Wall Mural

Before getting started, here are some tips for creating DIY wall decor murals for non-artists:

  • Make sure to clean your wall before getting started. You don’t want all your hard work to be for naught.
  • The pros make sure to gather all the necessary supplies before getting started.
  • Choose your project carefully. Not all mural projects are created equal and some might just be too difficult for inexperienced muralists. Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can accomplish with your skills and budget.
  • Even accomplished muralists use some technique to transfer their image onto the wall. Your two options are the grid method or using a projector. The grid method is more challenging and involves creating a grid on the wall and a grid on your image, which is used as a guide to freehand your image on the wall. The projector method is much simpler and a better choice for beginners. Projectors can be expensive to purchase, so your best bet is to try and borrow one. With this method, you can can use any type of projector to project your image onto the wall and trace the outline in pencil.
  • Besides painting, there are some other ways to create murals. For example, using creating an image using over-sized photo printing and creating a repeating pattern from washi tape are two alternative wall art ideas.
  • Finally, sometimes you don’t actually need to do the work of a mural to get the look of one. Consider using wall decals, which you can purchase at many do-it-yourself stores, on Etsy and from other online shops.

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